Outboard Motor Cowling Cover – 600D Polyester Coated PU Water Resident

  • Descriptions

    Seamax offers universal covers for outboard motors. The cover is secured with a draw rope which is sewn throughout its hem. Easy to install this cover over the motor by the quick released rope.

    Light gray color material can general the minimum heat from the sun and offers longer life time, at the mean time the cover is hard to get dirty. Only for use when motor is not running.

    Our High quality marine grade fabric engineered for extra durability and maximum weather protection; Fabric Material: 600D Polyester coated PU 10oz material is the best in the market and with 2 Years Guarantee.

    5 different sizes to cover from 2.5HP to 250HP motor. Purchase the cover from us right now and you can start to protect your outboard from sun and weather damage. 100% Satisfied Guarantee.

    Choosing your motor cover size from our suggested checklist. Or measure your motor cowling over-all girth and height to select a size.  If our checklist located a wrong size for your motor, please send the pictures as proof and we will send you a new replacement free of charge. 

    Cowling Cover Dimensions
    Size A - Girth 46”, Height 14”
    Size B - Girth 55”, Height 15”
    Size C - Girth 70”, Height 18”
    Size D - Girth 80”, Height 20”
    Size E - Girth 90”, Height 22”

  • Model Check List

    Note: for 4 Stroke Regular Propeller Models

    3.5HP (Size A) / 6-15HP (Size B) / 25-50HP (Size C) / 75-115HP (Size D) / 150-250HP (Size E)

    2.3-4HP (Size A) / 5-20HP (Size B) / 25-60HP (Size C) / 75-90HP (Size D) / 115-250HP (Size E)

    2.5-6HP (Size A) / 8-20HP (Size B) / 25-60HP (Size C) / 75-115HP (Size D) / 150-250HP (Size E)

    2.5-6HP (Size A) / 9.8-20HP (Size B) / 25-60HP (Size C) / 70-140HP (Size D) / 150-250HP (Size E)

    2.5-6HP (Size A) / 6-20HP (Size B) / 25-60HP (Size C) / 75-115HP (Size D) / 150-250HP (Size E)

    2.5HP (Size A) / 4-20HP (Size B) / 25-70HP (Size C) / 75-115HP (Size D) / 150-250HP (Size E)

    Parsun / Coleman
    2.6-5HP (Size A) / 6-9.8HP (Size B) / 9.9-25HP (Size C)

Product Type: Motor Cowling Cover