Seamax Portable 12V SUP-16DB Electric Air Pump with Built-in Lithium Battery for Inflatable SUP, Kite and Inflatable Boat

  • Features
    • Originally NEW Seamax SUP 16DB Double Stage 12V air pump is a new model in Seamax pump family. Thanks to the intelligent control system and its newly designed power control unit, the air pump is great to use with the inflatable boat, SUP, and tent. This DC electric air pump can be powered by its built-in battery after charging or through a standard extremal 12V charger socket in a vehicle. It can quickly reach and automatically stop at the user pre-set air pressure. The deflation port helps to quickly deflate the air chamber for easy folding and compact size storage;
    • With a built-in flash light and 2 USB charging ports, it can be used in the dark environment and conveniently helps to charge the mobile devices. It serves as an all-in-one solution for outdoor sports players. Pump user manual is included in the package and downloadable from our website
    • This new Seamax version also has built-in a smart monitoring feature, when the pump starts to inflate, the computer monitors the real-time pressure in every second, based on our Self-Developed smart pump formula, it can find the pump the best timing to switch to 2nd The computer also monitors the pump internal temperature and continued working time, Auto Stop Protection feature has been built-in.
    • 1st stage max speed 350L/min; 2nd stage max speed 70L/min, Pressure setting increments 0.5 PSI and support up to 16PSI. Real-time pressure monitoring and auto-stop once selected pressure reached; Highly efficient dual air inflators controlled by digital pressure controller module; Supported working range 0.5 - 16 PSI (16 PSI = 1.103 Bar =110 Kilo-Pascal); accurateness 0.01 PSI.
    • Built-in sand filter for air intake & pump cooling system; Built-in outtake chamber for noise reduction and better efficiency. One-way diaphragm valve to protect the inflator and maximize the speed. Designed for inflatable boat, SUP and paddleboard; About 10 minutes to inflate a 12ft SUP or a 9ft inflatable boat (3.5 PSI) with air mat floor (12 PSI) fast and easy.
    • Super lightweight 6lbs and Dimension only 10”x7”x7” with easy carry handle; Reinforced 3.5ft air hose. Perfect handy size for pumping boats, SUPs, and Paddleboards. 360 degree free turning main air hose connector provides flexible pumping positions. Screw-in style adaptors provide perfect airtight.

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  • Description and Specification
    • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Easy to use backlit touch buttons and portable ergonomic handle; Backlit LED screen for pre-set and real-time air pressure display; PSI and Bar dual units display; 9 ft Power cord and 3.5 ft nylon air hose, Universal HR air valve adapter and 3 silicone O-Rings with different thickness can fit all inflatable SUPs. Noise reduction inflators for quiet operation.
    • This intelligent 12V DC electric pump comes with digital control and LCD screen to display the set pressure and real-time air pressure. The pump can auto stop at the pre-set air pressure. It will auto stop after max 20 minutes of continuous working. So you will never over-inflate the chamber or damage the air pump.
    • The valve connector with the hose is suitable for SUPs equipped with HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo, Naru or similar type air valves. This kind of air valve has a turning pin or pressing down the pin in the middle to control the valve’s Open & Closed position. 3 silicon O-Rings to choose and keep the connection best airtight.



Pump support rate

0.5 to 16 PSI

Digital sensor accuracy

0.05 PSI 

2nd stage auto switch point

0.45 – 0.6 PSI Real Time Monitoring

Max pumping speed

1st Stage 350L/m, 2nd stage 70L/m

Stage 1

Sealed and quiet turbo fan for high volume inflation

Stage 2

Engineered cylinder compressor for high pressure inflation

Max energy consumption

12A, 144W (12V) 

Pump working voltage

11 - 14V DC 

Max continuous working time

20 minutes


Built-in battery

6000mAh Lithium Ion 


110 - 240V Travel Charger


Pre-programmed digital controller board 

DC power cord

12 ft Length (3.75 m) 

Air hose

5 ft Length & with HR Valve Adaptors 

O-Ring thickness

0.3mm / 0.4-0.5mm double side/ 0.5-0.6mm double side

USB port / LED light

1A and 2A / 1A


13A to 15A

Product Type: 12V Air Pump

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