Seamax Inflatable boats are designed like larger boats. A highlighted feature of the inflatable boat is the buoyancy tubes. This feature along with the V shaped inflatable keel, provides excellent stability on all types of water conditions. We put a lot of thoughts into how to make the best featured, fully functional, and still affordable inflatable boats for our customers. We have carefully thought about every detail from the overall boat design to the small patch repair. What upgrades would make Seamax inflatable boats the right choice for you. We at Seamax Marine believe our quality and affordable inflatable boats can far exceed the expectations of consumers. 

seamax maufacturing

Seamax produces Seamax boats with our own premium standards and specially trained employees. Virtually all of our competitors are having their boats built in big factories that produce boats for different companies. We now have complete control over every aspect of the building of our boats! We use the mirasol pvc which is the best and most expensive pvc coming out of South Korea. Seamax accessories and glues are also sourced by us to insure that they are of the highest quality available. We no longer have to “settle” for what may be generic and inferior materials or construction standards that are being used by the big factories.

Seamax Manufacturing