Hypalon Patch Set, 4 Color to Choose, Fabric Material Orca 828 1.0mm thickness, Pre-Sanded Ready for use, Glue NOT included

This Order will include the Patches Listed as Below -

Large Square Patch x 1, Size 5x7 inches

Large Round Patches x 3, Diameter 3 inches

Small Round Patches x 3, Diameter 2 inches

Option - How to Use with 2 Parts Hypalon Glue

1). Mix 5% hardener (treatment) to the glue before use. Maximum 10% hardener when in Cold Weather 10C - 15C or High Humidity 50-75%. Do NOT exceed a mixture of 10% to the glue. M.E.K. is the main thinner for PVC glue. If the glue hardens, you can add up to 10% MEK to the glue to reactivate the glue.

2). Glue mixed with hardener can be kept for up to 6 hours. Glue and hardener sealed in the bottles can be kept up to 3 years. We suggest to use a small painting brush to apply 1-3 layer(s) glue on both material surfaces. Wait 5 minutes between applications to allow glue to dry and then attach the two pieces of material together. Once you have applied the patch, work from the center out with something like a teaspoon to force out any air bubbles and then apply pressure to the repaired area for at least 24 hours.  Wait 48 hours for the glue to cure before using.

3). PVC Glue can be used as one part. For a better result, please do 2 Part glue (glue and hardener) to ensure the overall quality of the repair and extend the life time of the bonding. For any repairs related to air leaks, please use 2 Part Glue.

4) Note: Suggested to apply the glue 1-2 layers on new fabric surface; 2-3 layers on old fabric surface; 3-4 layers for wood or plywood surface; 2-3 layers for parts or aluminum surface. (The surface of Hypalon boat fabric has a coating layer, sanding the boat fabric to get rid of this coating is a must before gluing.)

5). Only mix the amount of glue you require for the repair.  Seal the bottle right away and store it in a cool area so that it may be used again. If the hardener turns to crystals or gets sticky, it is no longer usable. To clean the area that needs to be repaired, use Methyl Hydrate, Acetone or M.E.K.