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Seamax Marine Heavy Duty 600D Trailerable Boat Cover for V-Hull, Tri-Hull Runabouts & Aluminum Boat


Size A: 14'-16' L, Up to 68" W

Size B: 14'-16' L, Up to 90" W

Size C: 16'-18.5' L, Up to 94" W

Size D: 17'-19' L, Up to 96" W

Size E: 20'-22' L, Up to 100" W

MOTOR WELL STYLE & TRAILERABLE - Seamax boat cover should be able to cover your boat;Ā the covers have been designed to fit theĀ boat on the trailer. Fabric is Water repellent, mildew, and UV resistant with Density 600D/260g/SQM; Elastic string design for quick fitted and released; Multiple Tie-Down Loops built-in; Tie-Down included, free cover carrying bag included.