Seamax Sunlitec Inflatable Boat Bench Seat Cushion and Detachable Seat Bag Combo, with Reflective Line


Built in 6 different sizes to fit almost all inflatable boats on the market. Seat cushion is made from marine grade foam 8.5” wide & 1.5” thick and has a detachable under-seat storage bag.

3 Velcro pads for easy and quick installation of the cushion to the boat bench seat. Both sides of the cushion have a zipper to attach the under-seat storage bag. The storage bag has a shoulder strap for carrying on land.

2 individual pockets on the front plus 1 cup holder pot. Space-Max design of the under-seat bag is good for keeping your large items such as tackle box, umbrella, and safety kit.

Air vents are located on the bottom and side of the bag. Reflective line the on cushion and bag for night vision.


Size A -Suitable for Boat Size 7-8.5ftDimensions: Cushion L30” x W8.5” x H1.5” / Bag: L22” x W8.5” x H9.5”For Seamax Boat Model - AIR230, SPORT240

Size B -Suitable for Boat Size 9-11ftDimensions: Cushion L34” x W8.5” x H1.5” / Bag: L26” x W8.5” x H10”For Seamax Boat Model - AIR270, AIR320. SPORT270, OCEAN290, OCEAN320, HD330, RIB AR280 AR300 & AR330

Size C -Suitable for Boat Size 11-13ftDimensions: Cushion L38” x W8.5” x H1.5” / Bag: L30” x W8.5” x H11”For Seamax Boat Model - HD380,Β OCEAN380, OCEAN380T

Size D -Suitable for Boat Size 13-15ftDimensions: Cushion L42” x W8.5” x H1.5” / Bag: L34” x W8.5” x H12”For Seamax Boat Model - HD430,Β OCEAN430, OCEAN430T

Size E -Suitable for Boat Size 15-17ftDimensions: Cushion L46” x W8.5” x H1.5” / Bag: L38” x W8.5” x H12”For Seamax Best for Seamax Boat Model -OCEAN470T, HD470,Β OCEAN500T, 530T, 600T

Size F- Suitable for Boat Size 16-20ftDimensions: Cushion L50” x W8.5” x H1.5” / Bag: L42” x W8.5” x H12.5”For Seamax Boat Model -Β OCEAN500T, 530T, 600T


Marine Grade Sunlitec Fabric (MGSF)

We want to introduce our newly developed thermal welded 3 layers Sunlitec fabric. The outer layer of Sunlitec is the special high-performance synthetic fabric similar to Acrylic fabric. It is resistant to sun light UV and many harsh chemicals including salt water. The mid layer is the water resident micro poly fabric foam. It is resistant to temperatures from outside and inside as well as impeding the water from going through and providing breathable performance. The inner layer is the marine grade polyester 300D for protecting the tear and wear from inside and as back support. After the Sunlitec manufacturing process, all three layers stay together as one fabric. It has a solid structure, better performance, looks great and is light weight. We are the only company to produce these boating accessories with Marine Grade Sunlitec FabricΒ (MGSF). We hope you will enjoy these high quality and affordable accessories.

Our WarrantyΒ - Fabric structure is covered by a 2-years limited warranty on all items using the Seamax Sunlitec material, and a 1-year limited warranty on sewing lines, tie down strings, zipper line and plastic parts. Physical damage or lack of maintenance damage is not covered under this warranty. Normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty.