16DB Specification

Model SUP16DB
Pump support rate 0.5 to 16 PSI
Digital sensor accuracy 0.05 PSI
2nd stage auto-switch point 0.45 – 0.6 PSI Real-Time Monitoring
Max pumping speed 1st Stage 350L/m, 2nd stage 70L/m
Stage 1 Sealed and quiet turbofan for high volume inflation
Stage 2 Engineered cylinder compressor for high-pressure inflation
Max energy consumption 12A, 144W (12V)
Pump working voltage 11 - 14V DC
Max continuous working time 20 minutes
Built-in battery 6000mAh Lithium-Ion
Charger 110 - 240V Travel Charger
Controller Pre-programmed digital controller board
DC power cord 12 ft Length (3.75 m)
Air hose 5 ft Length & with HR Valve Adaptors
O-Ring thickness 0.3mm / 0.4-0.5mm double side/ 0.5-0.6mm double side
USB port / LED light 1A and 2A / 1A
Fuse 13A to 15A