Seamax Boat Technology


FOS - Four Layers Overlapped Seam

Description - FOS

4-layers overlapped seam finishing is the strongest seam construction standard in the inflatable boat industry. The 2 main chamber fabrics are bonded together with ½” overlap. There are also two extra 1” seam tape on both sides to reinforce the main seam. Total thickness of FOS seam is about 4 - 5mm thick and 63mm (2.5”) wide.

Benefit - FOS

With FOS standard, Seamax boats have strong pontoon chambers which are air tight and have a longer usage life expectancy. Seamax FOS chamber seams are better at resisting sun and heat damage over the long term.  Demo photos show the FOS seam applied on Hypalon material. FOS standard has been used on all our new boats including PVC and Hypalon. FOS seam standard has been applied to all Seamax Hypalon boats since 2013 and all PVC boats since 2015.


IBR - Inner Bottom Reinforcement

Description - IBR

The Inner Bottom Reinforcement (IBR) Layer is located on the inner side of the boat bottom central keel area.  It is a simple idea but a lot of extra protection for your boat bottom. The IBR coverage is about 3' x 1' for small boats and up to 5' x 2' for larger boats.  Seamax applies our IBR standard to heavy duty boats built from 2010. The IBR system is not visible from outer side of the boat bottom. It will not cause extra water resistance when out on the water. 

Benefit - IBR

The IBR system makes the hull more rigid. It is a great feature to have on your boat. IBR protects your boat when launching it from beach or from a trailer.  It also increases hull thickness for extra protection in case you hit something that's submerged in the water.  Seamax has 0% boat bottom damage claims since the IBR becomes a Seamax standard. The IBR  standard has been in effect since 2010 and is used on  the  Seamax Ocean and Seamax Ocean Pro T series.


TSR - Transom Stabilizer Reinforcement

Description - TSR

Boat transom is glued with pontoons and bottom all together. Sunlight, heat, water and temperature can severely damage the transom structure on roll up inflatable boats.  Adding extra stability and protection to the transom is very important to build our Seamax boats. Besides using marine grade solid birch plywood to increase the quality, we have developed new manufacturer standards that focus every point of making. We call it Transom Stabilizer Reinforcement (TSR).

Benefit - TSR

TSR makes a Seamax boat and transom much stronger. The transom adaptors are fully reinforced. The transom fabric coverage is increased and double layered. Sealant is applied avoid water leaking. TSR helps the pontoons disperse the outboard motor vibration and weight. This reinforcement technology will dramatically extend the overall usage life time of our Seamax inflatable boats. The TSR feature has been used on most of our Seamax PVC boats since 2015.


HSB - Hull Stabilizer Bar

Description - HSB

The Hull Stabilizer Bar (HSB) is designed by Lawrence, the Owner of Seamax. The technology was first applied on one of our government projects. Now the 2nd version of Seamax HSB is available on every Seamax Ocean T model boat and all Seamax boats over 14ft.

Benefit - HSB

Located near the front deep V-Hull, the specially made HSB greatly helps stabilize the boat structure. The tension along the HSB creates an invisible force triangle to stabilize the front Hull and keeps the floor in place. Such an inner triangle support for the hull is a great boat feature that no competitor has. Also, a boat with the HSB feature will have better high speed boating performance. And the reinforced hull structure allows the boat to be driven safely when the chambers are in low pressure. The TSR feature has been used on the Seamax Ocean T series and all Seamax roll up models over 14' since 2015.


AHQC - Accurate Hull Quality Control

Description - AHQC

Seamax creates the Accurate Hull Quality Control (AHQC) as one of our manufacturing standards. This AHQC standard as part of our new boat design includes a new cutting pattern for both the pontoon and boat bottom, a new floorboard standard, new equipment and properly trained staff. Because of all these changes and updates, our inflatable boat can offer a tight and superior finished bottom as compared to other manufacturers.

Benefit - AHQC

The AHQC standard may help increase max boating speed up to 15% and reduce possibility of damage in use. The rollup inflatable boat bottom is very hard to build tight and smooth. Many inflatable boats have a loose bottom even after being properly assembled. Some people might tell you this was normal but that is not the truth! Seamax knows how to properly design a rollup inflatable boat that does NOT have this loose bottom problem. It costs more time, technique and money to make perfect boats, and that could be why many manufacturers have problems with their boat hulls.


Boating Safety - Reflective Tapes for Night Navigation

Every Seamax commercial grade Ocean T series boat has US Coast Guard Approved 3M Reflective Sheets for boating safety at night. Color Code: White USCGFP30 (Sliver).  Reflective Tape Dimensions for Boats 3”x10”, 3”x8”.