Inflatable Boat Amazon Customer Reviews

 5.0 out of 5 stars The best inflatable boats in the market: Seamax Ocean
If you would like your boat to have all the features required by Navy Seal and USA Special Forces, manufactured to military specification, but you don't have the government budget, this is your inflatable boat!

From an engineering point of view I am trying to imaging another feature to recommend for the next iteration of this model, but so far everything is already in my hands, and it look like it will be like that for many years because this boat is built to last.

I will use the boat for diving in my corals' research: 3 divers, 6 tanks, scuba gears, 9.9HP outboard, cameras, instruments, etc. There is space for everything, heavy-duty D rings all around, and double 3/4" thick marine grade life line rope to secure it under heavy weather conditions miles away from shore line. The aluminum floor boards can take the hitting of the tanks with no signs of suffering, firmly hold in place by solid stringers, and the 1.5" thick transom is secure with redundant attachments of Korean PVC fabric, screws and plates, and more PVC.

But if you manage to have any issues just call Seamax to receive immediate attention, and 'resolution": To register the boat in USA I needed the original Certificate of Origin that was delayed from the shipment, after calling to request the document I received the DHL notification about the incoming envelope before I was able to finish my cup of coffee, this is the pleasant, peaceful and effective Vancouver style!
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Seamax!

this is the best boat i ever bought. it is solid and portable. I blow it up and haul it my cart. when stored in my rv and take it with me. solid floor-very tough -more than eagle. and lightweight. will take up to 25 horse motor.

I bought this boat for Camp Luther to use as a rescue boat during times when the campers are out on or in the water whether swimming or canoeing or on the paddle boats. It works great because it is quite stable and the rescuer can reach over the side and help pull the camper into the boat with no fear of it flipping over. The side ropes are easy for the camper to grab hold of and help themselves into the boat. The solid floor makes it possible to carry a lot of supplies and equipment without the items falling all over the bottom of the boat. The operator of the boat told me she really likes it because of the soft sides which are so much less likely to hurt someone if she gets a little too close to the swimmer. With the hard sided boat used before that was a major concern. The camp maintenance director likes it because it takes up so little space to store in the off season. All around this is one valuable boat and fun to cruise around in.

 Boat Launching Wheels Amazon Customer Reviews

I purchased this item over the cheaper version for two reasons. The fist and to me the most important feature is that once you are in the water and the weels are up they can be at an angle away from the boat and out of the way or the motor leaving you more room for tight turns. The second reason is its rigid structure and high quality of its built not to mention it only requires six hole in the transom and to me thats worth it the less holes in the transome the better your off. My only concern at time of purchase where the weeks look to be cheap plastic on the pictures but uppon arrival I am glad to report that is not the case they are good ruber andthe air valves are actually at an angle facing outward making inflation a breze unlike my friends cheaper weels belice me its not fun trying to inflate the cheaper weels. I am confident these weels will last me a a lifetime just keeping them piled after each season after all even aluminum rust eventually but not if taken preventions.
Conclusion, yes they are more money, yes shipping is alot BUT if you have a good boat you dont want cheap weels that weels that might ruin your perfect day before it even beggins worth every penny because you wont have to replace them.

I put this on my 11'4" Zodiac and they easily handle my 10HP outboard and some scuba gear in it as well. Just wheel it into the water and move the wheels up and motor off. Had many folks say, "Hey where did you get those"!!

This was easy to install. I'm glad I went with the more expensive version as switching the wheels from the up to down position is easy. Only issues were a missing drill bit the instructions said was included. Unfortunately the boat serial number was positioned right where I wanted to place the bracket.

 Electric Air Pump Amazon Customer Reviews

This seems to be a great pump. I really like the high volume/low pressure first stage that automatically switches to a high pressure/low volume second stage with automatic pressure cut-off. These features make it very easy to inflate your zodiac type boat quickly and to the recommended pressure without having to stop pumping, pull out your gauge, continue pumping, etc. I have checked the digital gauge with my needle type gauge and it appears to be accurate. I also like that everything is self-contained in one neat package, including the battery and optional dc clips if the attached battery runs out. It will pump up my 13 ft zodiac with battery to spare. My only bad point is that the gauge reads only in kpa and not psi [not that big a problem].
This pump is fabulous! I thought about going with one of the cheaper Coleman pumps but glad I did not. This thing can pump up a Saturn 12 foot boat in about 5 minutes and deflates it just as fast. In fact, it takes more time for you to move between the chambers than it takes for the pump to do its job.

It comes with a ton of connectors. I cannot imagine there being an inflatable product that it would not work with.

The carrying case is top quality and padded which is a great feature. It also has 2 compartments. One for the pump and one for the accessories. At first you think you need to remove the pump from its case to hit the power switch, but after you see where the button is located on the machine, it is a large pop up button you can feel through the case, and turning it on and off without removing it is simple.

It comes with a standard wall charging cable and a cable you can hook to your car battery to power from there. In terms of charging life, the battery does not run down at all inflating and deflating the boat. I have done it a few times without charging in between with no issue at all.

Finally and significantly, Lawrence, the man who owns this company could not be nicer. He answered all of my questions. A real gentleman. It is great to have a good product and even better to have a company standing behind it with pride.

Update, Nov. 22, 2015: I've now used the pump over 30 times and have had zero issues. Upgraded to 5 stars for now.

I've used this about six times now to inflate my Achilles LSI-330. I strongly prefer it to the Bravo BTP-12. The Bravo sounded like it was shaking apart when it entered high pressure mode and lasted me less than a year. The good people at Defender replaced it, but I had issues with the replacement pumps, one DOA. This pump seems more solidly built, time will tell if it's durable, will update. It would be better if the charging port, on/off switch and 12V receptacles were readily accessible through the carry case.