Boat Features

Benefits of Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats are probably the most stable boats on the water. They are used for offshore rescue, whitewater rafting and are the boat of choice for most military agencies. Inflatable boats can maneuver through just inches of water or handle the roughest of water conditions. Inflatable boats work well with electric motors or even the smallest of gas outboards. A 9.9 HP outboard will easily get a twelve foot inflatable up on plane.

Inflatable boats are very durable but in the event of a puncture or tear, they are easily repaired and can be done by virtually anyone.  Inflatable boats are very compact once rolled up and require very little space for storage. No need for a boat trailer or paying for storage. Inflatable boats are quite lightweight and inexpensive compared to aluminum and fiberglass boats.

Inflatable boats are bought by people of all ages. Some are young families looking for an inexpensive way to get out on the water. Some are hunters and trappers that may need to get into shallow areas or have to portage the boat. They require a boat with a high weight capacity and the durability not found in aluminum or fiberglass boats. Other buyers just don’t have the storage space for an aluminum or fiberglass boat. RVers are also the main buyers of inflatable boats. They require a boat that is compact and lightweight that will fit into their RV or pickup when they decide to hit the road. They just want to get out onto the lake or river and do a little fishing or sightseeing and  spend less of money.

Special Features of Seamax Boats

Four Layers Overlapped Seam (FOS): 4 layers overlapped seam finishing is the strongest seam construction standard in the inflatable boat industry. The 2 main chamber fabrics are bonded together with ½” overlapped. And there are 2 extra 1” pieces of seam tape on both sides to reinforce the main seam. Total thickness of FOS seam is about 4-5mm thick and 2.5” wide.

Transom Stabilizer Reinforcement (TSR): Boat transom is glue with pontoon and bottom all together. Sun light, water and temperature can severely damage the transom structure on roll up inflatable boats. Adding extra stability and protection to the transom is very important to build our Seamax boats. Besides using marine grade solid birch plywood to increase the quality, we have developed new manufacturer standards that focus every points of making. We call our standard - Transom Stabilizer Reinforcement (TSR).

Accurate Hull Quality Control (AHQC): Seamax has created the Accurate Hull Quality Control (AHQC) as part of our manufacturing standard. This AHQC standard is included as part of our new standard boat design which includes a new cutting pattern for both the pontoon and boat bottom, a new floorboard standard, new equipment and properly trained staff. Because of all these changes and updates, our inflatable boat can offer a tight and superior finished bottom as compared to other manufacturers.