Triangle Aluminum Side Joiner Bar of Inflatable Boat, Pair of 2ft long

Set of 2 side joiners for aluminum floor of inflatable boat

Pack contents: 2 side joiners with caps.

Available Length range 20" to 28", flat rate price if in this range, ask for your best size when checkout.

Note :for Seamax boat 2010 Model Year or Later


Seller Note for regular customer to choose this parts.

You can send us a picture of your boat’s Aluminum floorboard to show the edge adapting with the side joiner, then it can tell which type of side joiners for your boat. FYI, there are at least 2 styles of side joiner in the market. We carry both in stock and most popular is the triangle style.

If it is a 270-330 boat, you may have 3 aluminum floorboards (panels). you can have one pair long or 2 pair short side joiners. If it is a 380-430 boat, you may have 4 aluminum floorboards (panels). and you should have 2 pair of side joiners. If it is a 470-600 boat, you may have 4-5 aluminum floorboards (panels).then you should need 2-3 pair of side joiners.

About the length and combination of those side joiners, if you can provide the the dimension (length) of your each aluminum floorboard starting from the front (bow) one to the back (stern). then we will help you to decide the length of the side joiner combination from our inventory.