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Genuine Propeller for Tohatsu / Mercury 2.5 & 3.5HP - Reinforced Nylon Made, 3-Blade 7.8" Diam. x 8" Pitch - Part# 3F0-64101-0

Made of high-strength nylon, durable and long-lasting finish. It has excellent toughness and corrosion resistance.

Good design, quality, and efficient outboard propeller performance. Improve handling and boat lift.

The marine propeller has stable performance and precise design. It uses high-quality materials to make it stronger and make thinner wings, each with stability, speed, efficiency and durability.

A device that converts engine rotational power into propulsive force by rotating blades in air or water, with three blades connected, and a ship propeller with a spiral surface on the back side of the blade.

Suitable for Tohatsu 3.5HP, Nissan 2.5, 3.5HP, Mercury 3.5HP.