Dolphin T Top Windshield

Dolphin t top windshield is a universal design to fit all Dolphin t tops. It is very easy to install and remove.
The windshield is 40.9inch (104cm) tall, we offer 5 sizes to cover all possible installations. Each size is flexible to allow 4in (10cm) adjustment of width.


XS size W75 fit W dimension 27.9in - 31.5in (71cm-80cm)

S size W85 fit W dimension 31.6in - 35.5in (81cm-90cm)

M size W95 fit W dimension 35.6in - 39.5in (91cm-100cm)

L size W105 fit W dimension 39.6in - 43.5in (101cm-110cm)

XL size W115 fit W dimension 43.6in - 47.5in (111cm-120cm)

Please measure your t top according to the below drawing and inform us of the W dimension you measured together with your order. Please note the W refers to the width from outside to outside, as the enclosure allows small adjustment on width, the position you measure is not very important, however, we still prefer a measurement as accurate as you can do.


Acts as a protection against cold and wet weather (If you need more protection, please order Dolphin T top enclosure).
You can attach it to your t top very quickly and easily.
The correct size will fit your T-Top perfectly.
Constructed with .040 Marine Grade Clear Vinyl.
Using 2inch straps to prevent sliding or movement.
Easily match your T-Top canvas.
It can roll up for storage.