Final Fix Inflatable Boat Repair Adhesive for PVC or Hypalon 290 ml

FINAL FIX is the ideal adhesive. High resistance and durable, this product is made to repair your PVC or Hypalon inflatable boat. Also, use the FINAL FIX to seal and fix the portholes.  Useful to repair any other component that needs to be sealed.  Waterproof and UV-proof. Revolutionary product, simple, fast and effective application method.  Free of solvents, isocyanates and silicone.

Comparing with the traditional boat glue or 2 parts glue, including PVC and Hypalon. This FIANAL FIX sealant is much easier to handle those hardest projects. such as transom repair and air chamber seam repair, old boat repair and large cut through air leaking. The main reason is -  the adhesive glue will bond right the way when contacting, but the FINAL FOX won't, DYI user can have enough time to make adjustment and wait for its dry. The worst part is the FINAL FIX repairs is visible and not looks professional, FYI Seamax had provided more than 20 FINAL FIX free of charge for over 20 out of warranty boat repair cases, and there was no one coming back. 

Since Final Fix is a kind of sealant and not like regular adhesive glue, so user can have plenty of time to adjust the patch during the work; inject the Final Fix to fill up the gap or leaking; When using Final fix, user don’t require good experience for glue us or boat repair, and you can still reach the best result to get the job done.

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