Oar Lock Patch Complete Set for Inflatable Boat

Durable marine grade polyester with reinforcedĀ stainless steel parts.

Suitable for salt water and fresh water use.

Quick release oar lock screw-in caps.


Package contents:Ā 

2 x Oar lock patch assembly, 2 x Oar holder



Black Oar Lock Patch: L 8" x W 3.5" x H 1.5"

Black Oar Holder: L 4" x W 3" x H 2 "

White Oar Lock Patch: L 9" x W 4.5" x H 1.5"

White Oar Lock Holder: L 4.25" x W 3.25" x H 2"

Oar Lock Stick Diameter: 0.38"