Option of Galvanized Road Runner Boat Trailer - for BC Canada Local Pickup Only

Note to Buyer: Road Runner Trailer is for Sale within BC and Local Pickup from our warehouse only. Website is for information only. Out of BC customer may search Road Runner trailer dealer nearby or EZ Loader trailer for inflatable boats. thanks.

Note of this option - Only available when order with new trailer. Additional leading time may be applied.


Trailer Manufacturer

Road Runner is a trusted boat trailer manufacturer distributing quality boat trailers throughout the North West since 1967. Canadian-Built Trailer Offers the Strength of a Fully Welded Frame, the Durability of 100% Galvanized Steel, and a Transferable 5 Year Limited Warranty.  

Model Selections

Seamax as the Road Runner dealer in Surrey BC carries few models for our inflatable boats, including 1000B, 1200B, 1600B & 2000B.  B means the bunk model for foldable inflatable boats.  Our Road Runner model has some changes from manufacturer standard, including the longer bunk, front stop plate, lower fenders, foldable tongue, and wheel-based tongue jack, etc. All those changes can make the trailer more suitable for our boats. Limited to the warehouse space, we may not keep their 1000B model in stock since this model support up to 330 (11ft) boat. so the 1200B model is better.  We may not keep 1600B in stock since the 2000B model supports more weight but with the same size.   

Suggested Trailer Support Chart (Some of the boat models may be discontinued) 

1000B - AIR270, AIR320, RIB280, RIB300, RIB330, Ocean320, HD330 (until11ft)

1200B - AIR270, AIR320, RIB280, RIB300, RIB330, Ocean320, Ocean380, HD330, HD380, Ocean380T (until 13ft)

1200B with Extended & Foldable Tongue, Extra Support - HD430, HD470, Ocean430, Ocean430T, Ocean470T (until 16ft)

1600B/2000B with Extended or Foldable Tongue - HD430, HD470, Ocean430, Ocean430T, Ocean470T, Ocean500T, Ocean600T (until 20ft)

Note to Customer - Make sure the trailer is the right model since the width of trailer very important. The boat width should not be over 1ft of max trailer width. If we have no stock, the order's leading time is 3-6 weeks.


Trailer Setup or Option Selection

1. Extended Bunk - Longer bunk support can benefit the foldable inflatable boat with aluminum floor panels. The aluminum deck can remain flat and solid since its side joiner bars connected at both sides as support. The longer bunk can reduce the pressure on those side joiner bar when the boat traveling on the trailer. The length bunk should be about 50-60% of the overall boat length as the best. for example a 12.ft boat, the bunk is best to have 6.5-8ft.  and the bunk length for a 14ft boat should be 7-9ft.  When placing the boat on the trailer, make sure the bunk can stay 8-12" outside of the transom. And you want the bunk to be long enough and placed under the edge of the soft bottom & pontoon joint seam.

2. Lower Fenders - Since the hull bottom is not as tall as the RIB, so when picking the trailer for our inflatable boat, you want it can come with a Low Profile Fender, so the top of the wheel fender can keep 1 or 2" from the pontoon not touching. otherwise, the boat fabric will wear off during traveling.

3. Front Stop Bar - Instead of using a wheel like most other trailers designed for RIBs or aluminum boats, changing the wheel to be a bar will be more making sense for our inflatable boat. this bar suggests min size L16" x W6"x D2" help to stop the boat from touching the pontoon. this bar will require coated with marine carpet same as the bunk.

4. Longer tongue and foldable tongue - Long tongue can help this trailer to take a longer boat, also it is easier for boat launching and keeps your car a better distance from water. But a long tongue or foldable tongue can reduce the trailer max payload. Our inflatable boat is lightweight, so even a longer boat should not be over the max payload of the trailer. At this point, we suggest also add on the foldable feature to save the parking space. FYI, you may want about 5-7ft from the hitch to the bow.