Origin Catapult Wakeboard Tower - Available Shining Polished & Glossy Black Color


Origin advancer wakeboard tower is a universal design to fit 68" to 98" boat, it is built with the strongest 2.25" aluminum tube, nice looking and firm structure, easy to install and quick to fold down 5 Year warranty.

Origin Catapult Wakeboard Tower Polished


78" to 106" between the front deck mounts
65" between the front and rear deck mounts


Seamless 2.25inch, 6063 Aircraft Aluminium tubing.
CNC Machined solid 6061 Aluminium Fittings.
Stainless Steel Hardware.

Lowering the Wakeboard Tower.

The wakeboard tower was designed with low storage in mind.
Front legs detached from the fittings.
The rear legs pivot backward to lower the top section.
The top section hinge lowers the front legs flat.
Easy job is no more than 2hours.


Bimini for this tower will have 2 sizes to choose, Tower (width of installation) is adjustable and base on your installation position. Usually when the boat beam width (installation point) is 94" or less, you may need the small size Bimini. otherwise if over this size, you may want the large size tower Bimini better. You can either let's know the size of Bimini by measure your boat right now, or it could be better if we could wait until you get your tower installation finished and with the exactly measurement, and then we ship you the Bimini after.

FYI, the small Bimini Canopy width is 1.5 meter (59"), the large Bimini width is 1.9 meter (75"), but their leg installation width should be wider based on above dimensions (about 8" extra).