Universal Outboard Motor Cowling Cover with 3-Layers Welded Sunlitec Fabric and Reflective Edges

  • Descriptions

    Multiple sizes to cover outboards from 2.5HP to 150HP.

    Quality marine grade 3-Layers welded UV resistant Sunlitec fabric engineered for extra durability and maximum weather protection.

    Reflective edges for increased visibility and safety at night.  

    Adjustable draw strap sewn throughout its hem. 

    Best in the market backed by 2-Years warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

    Purchase the cover from us right now and you can start to protect your outboard from birds droppings, dusts, dirt, and weather elements. Measure your motor cowling's girth and height and choose your motor cover size from the available list. If a wrong size was chosen, contact seller for express exchange service free of charge. 

    Find the right size motor cowling cover

    Cowling Cover Dimensions
    Size A - Girth 47”, Height 14”
    Size B - Girth 55”, Height 16”
    Size C - Girth 63”, Height 18”
    Size D - Girth 72”, Height 21”
    Size E - Girth 82”, Height 24”
    Size F - Girth 93”, Height 28”
    Size G - Girth 105”, Height 32”
    Size H - Girth 118”, Height 37”

Product Type: Motor Cowling Cover