Aluminum Boat Hand Dolly Set with 16” Wheels, Quick Leased Frame with Towing Handle and Coupler, Off Road Use with Limited Speed

  • Features

    (1)The ultimate lightweight aluminum hand dolly with T handle. With its air-filled wide tires this dolly easily transports many small boats, canoes, kayaks up to 300 pounds.

    The dolly can be assemble at 3 different length 11', 7.5', 4'to fit your needs. Very easy storage. Shipping weight 56 pounds. Assembled width 53". Trailer adaptor fits ball dia 1 7/8", groove width 2".

    (2) Seamax Boat Hand Dolly is made by steel with power coating. Quick released lock pin to change the dolly tongue stages: 8ft, 9ft and max extended to 10ft. Rear Bunks Width 38". Dolly Payload 250Lbs for boat and motor, Tire pressure max 25 PSI. It is good for inflatable boats up to13ft, aluminum boats and fiberglass boats up to 14ft, and small sail boats up to 15ft

    (3)Add the optional hitch attachment for towing with an ATV, golf cart, and other utility vehicles for off road using. Max speed 10km/hour. It is great for launching your boat to the water quickly. 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble. Product had been sold many place including sail club or yacht club

    (4)Tire inflation: Dolly tires may not be fully inflated when shipping; please only give 15-20 PSI pressure at room temperature before using. Best to use portable type digital air pump in case tire over inflated

    (5)Tire inflation: Dolly tires may not be fully inflated when shipping; please only give 15-20 PSI pressure at room temperature before using. Best to use portable type digital air pump in case tire over inflated.

  • Product Maintenance

    Wash it with fresh water after every use from salt water or sandy beach. Check tire pressure before every using. Do NOT store the wheels directly under the sun or beside any heat source to extend its usable longevity. Repaint and lubricate  the dolly system when necessary. Keep the bolts, lock pin on the dolly. 30 days free replacement on any defective parts.

    Product Available from May 01, 2019.  1-7/8" Coupler is all included in standard package.

    Pump up your wheels: When after your one winter storage or new product is received, you need to top up the air to 20 PSI with a small digital inflator, the same kind of portable 12V electric inflator for automobiles or bicycles will be suggested to use.

    Attentions - Wheel tube damage may be related to the below reason

    • Pressure below 10 PSI, the inner tube is easy to be damaged during use
    • Pressure over 20 PSI, the inner tube could be damaged when sunlight or heat brings the pressure up.
    • Using a strong inflator like the air pump in a gas station, the inner tube is too small when facing the strong airflow. it could be damaged in seconds.

  • Limited Warranty

    • The warranty covers the brand-new item originally purchased from Seamax Marine or its authorized dealers. The warranty cannot be transferred to any subsequent purchasers. Keep the original sales record and the product labels for warranty service. Any repaired items and warranty replacement will not extend their original warranty.

    • Warranty claims are handled by Seamax Marine or its authorized dealers. Contact the original seller of the item to obtain warranty authorization prior to returning the product. Seller can ask for proof of purchase and current product condition such as pictures and video. Seller reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim if the product shows excessive wear, abuse, or misuse.

    • Seller’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing a defective part, or at seller’s discretion, refunding the purchase price or replacing such part or parts as shall be necessary to remedy ANY defect in material or workmanship as covered by this warranty.

    • This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, or to damage caused by: (1). Neglect, lack of maintenance, accident, commercial, abnormal or improper use or incorrect assembly in accordance with the user manual; (2). Use of an accessory or part neither manufactured nor sold by an authorized dealer; (3). Alteration or removal of parts without authorization from the original seller; (4). Improper protection against UV-light, high temperature and heat sources; (5). Has been repaired, modified or tampered with by someone other than manufacturer or authorized dealers without approval; (6). damaged as a result of shipping or storage.

    • This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential costs and expenses such as loss of use, transportation delay, storage charge, telephone or rental charges of any type, inconvenience, waste of time or income losses, or other consequential damages.