Fiberglass Reinforced Orange Nylon Propeller Kit for Seamax Electric Trolling Motor

Newly redesigned orange glass fiber reinforced composite material propeller, updated pitch, camber and thickness for high thrust application. Better performance with new propeller and minimizes efficiency lost through cavitation. 

Suitable for Seamax trolling motor 2018 edition only. Fiberglass Reinforced Orange Nylon 3 Blade Propeller. Package included: Stainless steel washer, screw cap, and lock pin; (British system & metric system tighten hardware are both included)

Replacing the Propeller (Refer User Manual Page 12)

To replace the propeller hold the blade and loosen the nut using the propeller wrench (Fig. D). Remove the nut and propeller. If propeller is stuck, hold one blade by hand and tap on the back side of the other blade with a hard blunt object. If necessary, repeat the procedure for the other blade until the propeller comes off. If propeller pin is bent, replace it. Align pin (Fig. E) when refitting propeller and tighten nut securely.

Product Type: Parts