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Seamax 12V SpeedMax Electric Trolling Motor with 40 Inches Shaft 55 to 65 Lbs Thrust

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  • Key Features

    1). 12V 55 to 65 pounds high thrust models with newly developed orange propeller. Quiet and smooth operation allows you to get closer to the fish.

    2). 40 inches stainless steel motor shaft, nice looking and super solid. Designed for Bow Mount & Transom Mount. Fully adjustable and work great with 20” long shaft watercraft. Built-in sacrificial anode. Good for saltwater and freshwater use.

    3). New patented 8-speed controller offers durability and performance over many years. Anti-theft quick released taper-lock transom mount with effortless 7-point adjustment; 

    4). Telescopic tiller handle with wide-angle adjustment. Ergonomic extending handle puts control at your fingertips;

    5). Solid aluminum and steel lower unit with powder coat finish. Suggest to run with a marine deep cycle battery. Voltage meter for real-time monitoring;

    6). Approximate continuous running time in max speed
    * 55Lbs Thrust: 75 minutes with Group 24(75AH); 90 minutes with Group 27(90AH); 105 minutes with Group 31(105AH).
    * 65Lbs Thrust: 60 minutes with Group 24(75AH); 75 minutes with Group 27(90AH); 90 minutes with Group 31(105AH).

  • Main Description

    Great selection Seamax high thrust models, provides excellent performance for lake or offshore use. Powerful and lightweight, Quiet and smooth operation; Easy to push a 14 ft boat fast and get closer to the fish. Made of sacrificial anode for better corrosion protection. Transom clamps locking feature to keep your motor always safe.

    Patented speed controller provides a bigger capacity and longer lifetime, 8 smooth speeds operation (5 forward + 3 reverse); Voltage meter to show the battery condition immediately. Aluminum made telescopic tiller handle with +/- 45-degree adjustment.

    Newly redesigned orange glass fiber reinforced composite material propeller, updated pitch, camber and thickness for high thrust application. Better performance with new propeller and minimizes efficiency lost through cavitation.

    Adjustable 32” stainless steel motor shaft, fits almost all small to medium size watercraft. Keep the propeller deep enough in the water to maximize power efficiency, and still have long enough motor shaft operate.

    Quick released taper-lock transom mount, effortless one-hand operation,  7 adjustment points to switch the motor from running position, shallow water position and tilt-up position. Industry top quality to build and resists flexing, warping, corrosion and UV damage.

    Seamax Speed-Max trolling motors come with updated technology and over the industrial standards to build. The ultimate goal of this new version is to greatly improve motor performance, extend the product lifetime, and increase your boating experience

    From 2018 models, Seamax changes from "power display" to "battery voltage meter" method. A real-time voltage meter is a better option than battery power light for commercial grade electric trolling motors.

    1) Both display methods are all based on the same technology: battery voltage read by the controller; 2) To build a battery power light display unit, the controller converts the battery voltage reading based on a pre-set formula in lab condition. It may not be the same as your own battery’s performance on the boat. 3) Voltage meter can always show the correct real-time battery condition without any conversion. The reading accuracy is within +/- 0.1V range. Boater is now able to always know the current battery condition and get prepared well ahead of time.


  • Specification

    Thrust: 55 Lbs/ 65 Lbs
    Overall Shaft Length: 40"
    Net Weight: 22 Lbs / 24 Lbs
    Voltage: 12V DC
    Max Amp: 52A / 61A
    Max Power Consumption: 628W / 730W
    Power Cord Length: 7ft in the Package
    Power Cord Standard: 55 Lbs-10 AWG / 65 Lbs-8 AWG
    Power Cord Extensions: Available in 10ft & 16ft Option (8 AWG)
    Power Cord Extensions Quick Released Connector: Included

    Limited 2-Years Warranty Coverage

    Motor Rotor Parts: 2 Years
    Motor Magnet Parts: 2 Years
    Speed Turning Switch Parts: 2 Years
    Carbon Brush Holder Parts: 2 Years
    Telescopic Handle Parts: 2 Years
    Battery Meter Parts: 2 Years
    Power Cord Wire Parts: 1 Year
    Propeller Parts: 1 Year
    Other Electrical Parts: 1 Year
    Other Stainless Steel or Plastics Parts Parts: 1 Year