Seamax Floor Saver Plus18 Garage Containment Mat 7.10 x 18ft with Dual 18” Tread Reinforcement for Mid Size SUV and Sedan Cars

  • USE – Well performance in extreme outdoor temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C. With a raised 2” waterproof foam edging, the mat can collect snow, salt, dirt, oil and chemicals dropped from parked vehicles. It can extend the lifespan of underneath flooring by keeping surrounding areas clean. Durable Seamax FloorSaver Plus containment mats are perfect for use underneath cars and trucks in residential garages. 
  • QUALITY - High quality 0.6mm (22oz) PVC with polyester core making the fabric extra strong; Thermal bonded over-lapped seam solid last over 15 years. Exclusive “tire tread reinforcement patch” makes the mat twice as thick as our competitors and provides best support against wear off and punctures! Seller 100% satisfaction guarantee for 1 year.

  • INSTALL - Take your new Seamax containment mat out of the box and lay it out on a clean, smooth and dry surface where you will be parking your vehicle. Unfold the mat. The logo side should be facing up and at the furthest inside end of your shop or garage. The logo side up creates a “tray” like effect giving the liquid a place to stay. To help keep your mat in place please use our new exclusive STAY-PUT-CORNERS from the package.

  • CARE - A cleaner surface will increase the life span of your Seamax containment mat. Clean your mat at least once a week during the season with a soft bristle brush, broom, mop or squeegee. A wet/dry shop vac is recommended for removing the water and debris from the mat. Keep the leading edge of your mat near the garage or shop threshold so as to avoid getting water on the unprotected areas of your garage or shop floor.

Small - FloorSaver Plus 18

FloorSaver Plus 18 overall dimensions are 7.10 ft x 18ft with 2x Dark Gray 18” width Tread Reinforcement. Min Distance between 2 wheels of vehicle is 44”. This model is suitable for Mid size SUV (Mercedes ML63), Sedan Car (Toyota Matrix) and new electric vehicles (Tesla) etc. If you want all the tires can stay on the mat tread reinforcement, please make sure your vehicle’s inner tire distance more than 44”, and outer tire distance less than 80”.


  • Lay the containment mat with the logo facing upwards. Place the mat on the floor where you want it.
  • Starting with the edge nearest the garage door, mark the floor with chalk or tape around the corners of the mat.
  • Clean the floor and mat corners inside the position marks with isopropyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol wipes. Allow the floor and mat corners just cleaned to dry. You can use a hair dryer if you wish. DO NOT OVERHEAT THE MAT CORNERS AS YOU WILL DAMAGE THE MAT MATERIAL!
  • Attach each Stay-Put-Corner to the mat first then peel off the glue side tape from the floor side of the Stay-Put-Corner and press it down securing it to the floor. Do one corner at a time starting with the corners nearest the garage or shop threshold.


Seamax warrants your containment mat for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions and limitations: The one (1) year warranty period is determined from the date you purchased the mat from Seamax or an authorized reseller and is NOT transferrable. 

If you purchase this containment mat in wrong size and it was too big or too small for the vehicle, please contact with us directly and we will help for exchange. Please do not return the product without notice.