Seamax SUP 20D 20PSI Intelligent Double Stage Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Boat and Stand Up Paddle Board, Fully Support Inflation and Deflation - Special

  • Features

    • Seamax SUP20D air pump is an upgraded version from SUP20S; Programmed intelligent digital controller for dual stage inflation and LCD display. Major parts made of marine grade engineered ABS and Nylon material for durability. Low power consumption, 5-10A (60-120W). Wide range of working temperature and humidity. Regardless daily use during the season or occasionally use in a year, this high quality air pump can always do a good job.

    • 1st stage max speed 350L/min; 2nd stage max speed 70L/min, Pressure setting increments 0.5 PSI and support up to 20PSI. Real time pressure monitoring and auto stop once selected pressure reached; High efficient dual air inflators controlled by digital pressure controller module; Supported working range 0.5 - 20 PSI (20 PSI = 1.378 Bar =138 Kilo-Pascal); accurateness 0.01 PSI.

    • Built-in sand filter for air intake & pump cooling system; Built-in outtake chamber for noise reduce and better efficiency. One-way diaphragm valve to protect the inflator and maximize the speed. Designed for inflatable boat, SUP and paddle board; About 10 minutes to inflate a 12ft SUP or a 9ft inflatable boat (3.5 PSI) with air mat floor (12 PSI) fast and easy.

    • Super light weight 4Lbs and Dimension only 10”x7”x7” with easy carry handle; Reinforced 3.5ft air hose. Perfect handy size for pumping boats, SUPs and Paddleboards. 360 degree free turning main air hose connector provides flexible pumping positions. Screw-in style adaptors provide perfect air tight.

    • The pump’s 12V DC connector (Car Cigarette Lighter connector) has a built-in 12A fuse. Cigarette lighter spare fuse is provided with the package. Pump user manual is included in the package and downloadable from our website. 

  • Description

    • Easy to use backlit touch buttons and portable ergonomic handle; Backlit LED screen for pre-set and real-time air pressure display; PSI and Bar dual units display; 9ft Power cord; Reinforced 3.5 FT nylon type air hose suitable for high temperature and high pressure use (Rated at 150°C (302°F) and 30PSI Max); Universal HR air valve adaptor and 3 silicone O-Rings with different thickness can fit all inflatable SUPs. Noise reduction inflators for quiet operation.

    • This rapid double stage intelligent 12V DC electric pump comes with a digital control and LCD screen to display the set pressure and real-time air pressure. The pump can auto stop at your pre-set air pressure. It can auto stop after max 20 minutes continuously working. So you will never over-inflate the chamber or damage the air pump.

    • The valve connector with the hose is suitable for inflatable boats and SUPs equipped with HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo, Naru or similar type air valves. This kind of air valve has a turning pin or pressing down pin at the middle to control the valve’s Open and Closed position. 3 silicon O-Rings to choose and keep the connection best air tight.

  • Specification

    - Model: Seamax SUP20D

    - Pump Support Rate: 0.5-20 PSI (0.034-1.378 Bar)
    - Digital Sensor Accuracy: 0.01 PSI
    - Controller Method: Pre-programmed digital controller board
    - Max Pumping Speed: 350L/min at 1st Stage, 70L/min at 2nd stage
    - Pump Stage 1: Sealed and quiet turbo fan for high volume inflation
    - Pump Stage 2: Engineered cylinder type compressor for high pressure
    - Dual Inflators Switch Point: 0.65 PSI
    - O Ring Thickness: 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 0.6mm
    - Sand Filter: Dual filters for air intake and pump cooling
    - Pump Working Voltage: 11-14V DC 
    - Max Energy Consumption: 10A, 120W (12V) 
    - DC Power Cord Length: 9ft (2.75m) 
    - Air Hose: 3.5ft Length & with HR Valve Adaptors 
    - Product Net Weight: 3.6 Lbs  

Product Type: 12V Air Pump

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