Signature Edition SUP20D PRO Double Stage 20PSI Electric Air Pump for Inflatable SUP and Boat, Intelligent Firmware with Built-in Temperature Sensor and Timer


Easy to use backlit touch buttons and portable ergonomic handle; Backlit LED screen for pre-set and real-time air pressure display; PSI and Bar dual units display; 9ft Power cord; Reinforced 3.5 FT Nylon type air hose suitable for high temperature and high-pressure use (Rated at 150°C (302°F) and 30PSI Max); Universal HR air valve adaptor and 3 silicone O-Rings with different thickness can fit all inflatable SUPs. Noise reduction inflators for quiet operation.

This rapid double stage intelligent 12V DC electric pump comes with digital control and an LCD screen to display the set pressure and real-time air pressure.

The pump can auto-stop at your pre-set air pressure. It can auto-stop after a max of 20 minutes of continuously working. So you will never over-inflate the chamber or damage the air pump.The valve connector with the hose is suitable for inflatable boats and SUPs equipped with HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo, Naru, or similar type air valves. This kind of air valve has a turning pin or pressing down pin in the middle to control the valve’s Open and Closed position. 3 silicon O-Rings to choose from and keep the connection best airtight.


Seamax SUP20D PRO Signature Edition air pump is an upgraded version in the SUP20 pumps family. Programmed intelligent proactive digital controller, voltage sensor, temperature sensor, and overheat protection for managed dual-stage inflation. Backlit LCD display and audible indicator to provide real-time working status to users. Major parts are made of marine-grade engineered ABS and Nylon material for durability. Low power consumption range 60-120W (0-20PSI). Wide range of working temperature and humidity. Regardless of daily use during the season or occasionally use in a year, this high-quality air pump can always do a good job.

The new Seamax version with firmware and hardware improvement, helps the pump work better in hard conditions, such as a wide range of product support, lower battery voltage, or poor 12V socket connection.  This new Seamax version also has built-in a smart monitoring feature, when the pump starts to inflate, the computer monitors the real-time pressure every second, based on our Self-Developed smart pump formula, it can find the pump the best timing to switch to 2nd stage. The computer also monitors the pump's internal temperature and continued working time, Auto Stop Protection feature has been built-in.

1st stage max speed 350L/min; 2nd stage max speed 70L/min, Pressure setting increments 0.5 PSI and support up to 20PSI. Real-time pressure monitoring and auto-stop once selected pressure reached; High efficient dual air inflators controlled by digital pressure controller module; Supported working range 0.5 - 20 PSI (20 PSI = 1.378 Bar =138 Kilo-Pascal); accurateness 0.01 PSI.

Built-in sand filter for air intake & pump cooling system; Built-in outtake chamber for noise reduction and better efficiency. One-way diaphragm valve to protect the inflator and maximize the speed. Designed for inflatable boats, SUP, and paddleboard; About 10 minutes to inflate a 12ft SUP or a 9ft inflatable boat (3.5 PSI) with air mat floor (12 PSI) fast and easy.

Super lightweight 4Lbs and Dimension only 10”x7”x7” with easy carry handle; Reinforced 3.5ft air hose. Perfect handy size for pumping boats, SUPs, and Paddleboards. 360 degree free turning main air hose connector provides flexible pumping positions. Screw-in style adaptors provide perfect airtight.

The pump’s 12V DC connector (Car Cigarette Lighter connector) has a built-in 12A fuse. A cigarette lighter spare fuse is provided with the package. Pump user manual is included in the package and downloadable from our website.

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Important Notice
Should NOT leave the pump working on the dusty ground during your operation. Since the pump's working vibration will bring up the dusty air from the bottom, when much dust goes into the air pump, the dust will make the pump's piston grease dry out faster than normal. Then the pump piston ring will overheat and be damaged, and your pump may not be able to provide good high pressure very shortly. Dust Damage will have no warranty coverage. Please keep it working inside your car or better place it on top of your SUP. We have provided ultra-long wire and hose for your convenience. 

We do not suggest to over deflate your SUP since it could cause SUP seam damage or pump overheat damage. Keep the valve in an open position when you roll it up. But Don't forget the close the air valve before the next pumping. 

Something You Should Know

The below guide will help you understand the pump in your application better. and when you hear the beep sound warning and the pump stop working, you can look at its LCD screen to check its status, and you can keep the user manual closed enough. After a few uses of this pump, you should be able to work well with it and enjoy its features.

Seamax pump has a temperature sensor built-in, the pump will stop when it gets overheated. When the pump is forced to stop overheating, you may not be able to operate it right the way, The LED screen will show you the Error Message. and you can feel the pump is hot. The pump can be operated again when the internal average temperate drops below 80°C / 176°F. So you get to wait for it to cold down. or you can try disconnecting it from the SUP/chamber, press the Power ON button to run the pump in the air, its 1st stage fast airflow will help its cool down faster. you may want to run it for 1 minute, and another 5 minutes regular cool down before the next use.

Pump’s allowed working range is 9-15V. The screen voltage reading will show you the real-time voltage when pumping. this is very important to know during your pumping if you connect the pump to external power. If the voltage is too high or too low, the pump won’t be able to turn on. 


Pro version air pump has the temperature sensor and voltage meter built in, once the temperature is too high over 80°C or voltage is out of range (9-15V), the pump will stop and beep sound warning, plus screen flash for a few seconds.  But since the pump stop, the temperature or voltage reading may get back to normal range very shortly, so the user may not be able to realize this pump self-protection. We suggest when you see the pump stop un-normally, you can stay closer to the pump and watch its screen when starting again. the screen can always show the real-time voltage, it will help you to find out the problem. On some European cars, we may not suggest starting the engine when pumping, since those car 12V sockets may give over 15V.  We also do not recommend starting the engine if the pump voltage reading can be over 10V during pumping. Since some old car generators may affect the pump sensor and digital control module.

Special Feature of Seamax SUP Double Stage Air Pump

This air pump has the 1st Stage and 2nd Stage, when the pump starts from zero pressure, it will first start its 1st stage – turbofan unit, and it will turn into 2nd stage – Piston unit. 1st stage can blow up the air fast up to 350L per minute. Since we want the pump to maximize the 1st stage performance, so it can maximum shortage the waiting time during your pumping. Our best formula from lab testing is -  Pump will continue to check the pressure 10 times per second after reach 0.65 PSI. When the pressure difference is less than 0.05 PSI in a continuous 3 seconds, then the pump will know its first stage has already reached its maximum ability, so it cannot pump more air into the chamber, then it gets to switch to the 2nd stage to continue the pumping. 1st Stage max pressure output should be over 1 PSI.

This feature will work great when the air chamber is big enough and with a regular marine air valve (H.R., Bravo, or Leafield). It can be suitable for all sport inflatable boats over 7ft that are equipped with an outboard motor and all inflatable SUPs. The individual air chamber of those products is all over 0.15CBM (5 Cubic Foot) and more. But when the air chamber is too small and less than 0.1 CBM (3.5 Cubic Foot), the reading from the pressure sensor will be jumping more when the pump max output is reached, so the pump may never detect a good signal of “pressure difference less than 0.05 PSI”.  In this case, the pump cannot switch to 2nd stage by itself. Since you may use this pump on a different product other than a sport boat or SUP. You can do the below operation to let the pump switch to the 2nd stage.

Stop the air pump manually, don’t need to disconnect the power. And you can restart the pump right away. When the pump detects pressure over 0.65 PSI from the air hose at starting. And if the read pressure doesn’t reach the set pressure value. The pump will start its 2ndstage directly.You don’t have to stop the pump, during its pumping at 1ststage, you can press and hold the “Power ON” button for 3 seconds. Then the pump will be forced to switch to 2ndAfter you see the 2ndstage started, you can release your finger from the button.If this is the SUP20MAX air pump, there is a 2ndstage button to press on the panel. It can directly turn on its 2ndMany inflatable products are using a small kind of air valve.  A small adaptor will bring lots of backpressures to the air pump and affect the pressure reading. You may have to force start the 2ndstage only. For example some of the inflatable Kayak, lifebuoy, and many water toys. That product may not be able to use the pump Auto Switch feature. FYI, A less expensive blower air pump without a pressure sensor and program control may even work better.

It may not be our pump defects if you see the pump won’t jump to the 2nd stage by itself. Please check our instructions carefully. Understanding our special program in its firmware is very important. Other than that, the air hose connects air leaking may cause a similar issue. So you get to make sure the connection is tight enough and choose the right size O ring. If you stop the pump and see the pressure reading dropping fast or/and hear the air leaking sound beside the hose. Then the connection may not be perfect yet. Use 5% liquid soapy water will help you to find air leaking easier.