Seamax New Deluxe Aluminum Portable Boat Hand Dolly Set - Heavy Duty

The Deluxe Boat Hand Dolly is designed by Seamax Marine in Canada, and it is made by the hardest marine-grade T6 aluminum alloy with CNC processing; Shiny anodized coating on all aluminum parts, small parts are all made with solid stainless steel. The product is good for saltwater and freshwater use. Will support up to 750lbs. Good for carrying inflatable boats, aluminum boats, and fiberglass boats.

Our boat dolly is mainly for customers launching the boat nearby, such as sailing club, yacht club, marina, back yard water front, or the water front nearby.  For the deluxe model, all parts are stainless steel, all aluminum components with coating, so it is more suitable for saltwater use. but since its heavy duty design, even it has quick-release design, we still do not suggest to take it apart for every time, except you want to relocate the boat, for example a hunting trip, then it won't require any tools to take it apart into 4 main components.  When Off road area not suitable for boat trailer, and the boat is still heavy, or you tow a camper trailer and need something portable to carry your boat. Our boat hand dolly will be a good option to have.

MAX LOADING: This boat dolly set is designed for carrying the boat with a motor. The length of the boat should be no longer than 14FT, and max Loading capacity should not exceed 500Lbs if using by hand, or max loading capacity should not exceed 750Lbs if using by motor vehicle. Otherwise, it may be too heavy for yourselves moving or cause injury.

QUICK RELEASE DESIGN: The completed product has a quick-release design except for some U brackets that should be bolted on the tongue or shaft permanently. We use quick-release buttons to help build the main frame quickly and we use lots of quick-release lock pins to build the dolly system. In the meantime, it will provide many quick-release adjustment options for the boat hand dolly. So even though the product is heavy, it is still easy to carry and provides a wide range of support, and is very flexible for different boats.

MULTIPLY POSITION SUPPORT: Based on our strong marine knowledge background, Seamax has designed this product with multiple built-in options including 1). Hand Dolly can be operated in full-size mode with 3 tongue sections (length about 12ft) or short mode by reducing the middle tongue unit (length about 8ft). 2). Front Handle has 3 stages of length and 2 towing angles plus a fold-down position. 3). Quick-release 360-degree free turning front wheel assembly, 3 positions to install and give different turning radius. 4). Front Keel Support with multiple positions to find your best front support point, height, and angle range. 5). Rear Boat Support with multiple positions for the best bottom support position, including the height, angle range, and bracket position.

SETUP: This boat dolly set is about 100Lbs and packed in 2 boxes, A screwdriver and wrench should be used during the setup. Power tools will help you a lot but be careful if you’re using 18 or 20V, don’t over-tighten the screw as you may damage the aluminum. We suggest 2 persons do the first-time setup. Since some of the brackets will be installed on the tongue (or shaft) permanently. It will become much easier after the first-time setup

Product Maintenance:

Wash it with fresh water after every use from saltwater or sandy beach. Check tire pressure before every use. Do NOT store the wheels directly under the sun or beside any heat source to extend their usable longevity. Repaint and lubricate the dolly system when necessary. Keep the bolts, lock pin on the dolly. 30 days free replacement on any defective parts.

Product Available from May 01, 2019.  1-7/8" Coupler is all included in the standard package.

About the Wheel Pressure

The safety working pressure range for most applications should be 15-25 PSI. We suggest inflating all the 8" & 16" wheels to 20 PSI only. When the pressure drops down to below 15 PSI in a few months, you can top up the pressure to 20PSI.  Also, a regular car tire portable inflator is good for inflation and pressure measurement. Putting 20 PSI should be always safe since already given enough space for the wheels. And remember the sunlight and heat will bring the pressure up a lot.

It is your option to install the front wheel. If you want dolly can stay on the ground solid, you can remote the front wheel but only keep the round pole as the stand. Since it has no bearing for the front wheels system, so the front wheel system only work on a flat and solid surface.  

Pump up your wheels: When after your one winter storage or new product is received, you need to top up the air to 20 PSI with a small digital inflator, the same kind of portable 12V electric inflator for automobiles or bicycles will be suggested to use.

Attentions - Wheel tube damage may be related to the below reason

  • Pressure below 10 PSI, the inner tube is easy to be damaged during use
  • Pressure over 20 PSI, the inner tube could be damaged when sunlight or heat brings the pressure up.
  • Using a strong inflator like the air pump in a gas station, the inner tube is too small when facing the strong airflow. it could be damaged in seconds.