Seamax AIR Series Inflatable Boat with High Pressure Air Floor with Yacht Tender Design

  • Features

    Seamax AIR Series is a boat with a high-pressure Airmat floor. The Airmat floor material is made by the most advanced modern technology with two layers of fabric held together with thousands of polyester cross stitches. When inflated, this type of floor becomes as rigid as a traditional hard floor. The advantage of this type of floor is that it is much lighter, absorbs bumps, resists tears and rolls up with the boat. An extra-durable EVA protective layer is pre-installed on all new long-lasting Seamax boats' airmat.

    AIR230 Boat Spec: Overall length 7.6 ft, Beam 4.8 ft, Pontoon diameter 14 inches,  3 x pontoon chambers,  3-1/8" thick Airmat chamber and 1 x keel chamber; Boat weight 75 Lbs. Max loading 770 Lbs with 2 Passengers, Boat Rated 4 HP motor and with 15” Short shaft transom. 1 x Plywood Bench Seat. It has enough space on the pontoon to install the dinghy davit patch.

    AIR270 Boat Spec: Overall length 9.0 ft, Beam 5.2 ft, Pontoon diameter 16.5 inches,  3 x pontoon chambers, 3-1/8" thick Airmat chamber and 1 x keel chamber; Boat weight 90 Lbs. Max loading 1065 Lbs with 3 Passengers, Boat Rated 10 HP motor and with 15” Short shaft transom. 1 x Plywood Bench Seat. It has enough space on the pontoon to install the dinghy davit patch.

    AIR320 Boat Spec: Overall length 10.5 ft, Beam 5.2 ft, Pontoon diameter 16.5 inches, 3 x pontoon chambers, 3-1/8" Airmat chamber and 1 keel chamber; Boat net weight 100 Lbs. Max loading 1200 Lbs with 4 Passengers, Boat Rated 15 HP motor and with 15” Short shaft transom. 2 x Plywood Bench Seat. It has enough space on the pontoon to install the dinghy davit patch.

    Seamax Air Series boat is made with leading PVC material to build and comes with an inflatable keel and a V bottom. Additional accessories include Lifeline, D-Ring, Towing Ring, Towing Cable, Darin Valve, Oar Lock, Fuel Tank Fittings, Handles etc. The package also comes with Bench Seat(s), Carrying Bag, Aluminum Oars, Foot Pump, Repair Kit, and Spare Parts. 

    Easy to set up, Seamax inflatable boats will take you for a fun day of exploration at the bay, river or lake. Once deflated, it can be easily stored in your mini van or pickup truck. Inflatable boats will take you there, away from the water's edge and closer to the fish. If you like to spend weekends being closer to nature, then an inflatable boat is for you. If you have an RV or go camping, most likely you will be by the water. Take an inflatable boat with you. 

    The boat is finished with thermal hot welded chamber seam & double overlapped, this structure can help the boat last much longer and comes with 4 years guarantee. 

  • Airmat Floor Technology

    Airmat floor is made up of two layers of fabric held together by thousands of polyester cross-stitches; when inflated to high pressure, this air cushion becomes as rigid as a traditional floor. Airmat floor is much lighter and takes up less space. The soft-to-touch Airmat floor absorbs bumps and resists tears. The max Airmat chamber pressure can support up to 10 PSI. We suggest using Seamax Electric Air Pump.

  • Boat Assembly

    An inflatable Boat is not hard to assemble.  It may take up to 1 hour the first time. Before pumping up the air chambers, please double-check all valves and ensure they are at the intake position. There is a push /or turn stick in the middle as the switch of the position. You also can use air valve tools to check all the air valves and make sure all are screwed down enough.

    Clear a flat surface that is clean and free of sharp objects. Place the boat on the ground flat surface to start. You can put cardboard underneath or do it on the carpet. The boat has a Plywood Support for Airmat floor at the rear. Please place the support in the right position before starting. The rear support helps the floor to be flat and get a proper V Hull when boating. 

    Pump the tube chamber until 40-60% full. Pumping air can help to open up the boat and it will be easier to place the Airmat floor in the right position, remember the plywood support must be facing down. 

    You can keep pumping the tube chambers one by one until 80%, and double-check the Airmat floor position again. Try to push the floor at all angles to make sure all is good. Then pump the tube chamber until full pressure, then the Airmat chamber, and finally the V-hull chamber.

    Tips and Procedures for Assembling of a Seamax Boat with AIRMAT Floor.

    1. You first pump up the boat pontoon’s 3 chambers to 1.5 PSI. let the boat expended good. But don’t pump the keel chamber,  leave it flat for later.
    2. Deflate all the pontoon chambers to soft in order to place the airmat floor into the boat. Turn 30-45 degree of back support plywood board with airmat to help getting it in. Adjust the air mat to fit well with the boat bottom shape. And make sure the keel valve at the middle or closed enough to the middle. And make sure the rear airmat floor can touch the transom.
    3. Inflatable the pontoon chambers back to 1.5 PSI. and then inflatable the airmat to 3 PSI.  remove your shoes and step into the boat, use your body weight to push all airmat corner nice in place at the bottom.
    4. Install the bench seat when pontoon not fully inflated. 
    5. Inflate all 3 pontoon chambers to 3.5 PSI started from the rear cone chambers.
    6. Inflate the airmat chamber to 10 PSI.
    7. Inflatable the keel chamber to 2-2.5 PSI when the boat with airmat floor structure, so the keel won’t push the airmat that much.
    8. Connect the oar to the oar lock, if the rear PVC oar holder is hard to get in, spray some soapy water on it before pushing the oar shaft into it. And after a while or sun light, it will get back to normal.