Nylon Air Hose Kit for Seamax Series Electric Air Pump to Fit Inflatable Kayak and Kite (Version 4)

NOTE - We only provide the air hose with 3 universal adaptors, the Duotone Kite valve adaptor with orange O ring is not included.  Picture is only showing the hose end adaptor can fit the Kite valve adaptor.

 New air hose kit for Seamax SUP20Max, SUP16DB or SUP20D electric air pump, Only to fit the inflatable product with Inflatable Kayak and Kite air valve.

Seller modified the air hose kit by the original Kayak and Kite valve adaptor. please know other valve adaptors are not included for this modified kit.

Hose Length: 3.3 Feet (1 Meter) 
Pump connector - Screw-in type 100% airtight