Pump Parts #9 - 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Power Plug for All Models of Seamax SUP Electric Air Pump

Parts - 

This order will comes with one new 12V Power Plug for all models of Seamax SUP Electric Air Pump as parts replacement, including the model SUP20S, SUP20D, SUP20Max, SUP16DB.

If you have our earlier version air pump, the power plug housing could be a different version. but the internal parts should be the same or very similar, many internal parts are universal.

If you can replace a whole brand new plug. then you may need to know how to use the Soldering Iron tool, you can re-connect the power wire by using this new plug. Make sure the negative and positive wires do not cross over if you need to re-connect the wire, otherwise your pump's PCB could be damaged.

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2 Main Repairs Instruction 

We may provide you a complete plug assembly, including the positive steel bracket and negative steel bracket inside the plug. In most cases, you may only need to use some of the parts from this brand new plug assembly, such as the top tip and cap, fuse, and spring.

Before reading the repair instruction, we suggest you can use a small plier to check the screw-in cap tighten once in a while (turn the cap clockwise). since the plug's top cap may get loosed when connecting to the car or transportation. And you may lose the cap and another related small component once the cap missing.

1). Lost of top parts - Once the cap is loosed, you may lose the top cap, contact tip, fuse, and more. If the plug housing has no problem. you may only need to take out the missing parts from the new plug and place them back to your old plug.  The correct inserting order should be fuse (or spring and fuse on old models), housing ring, contact tip, and top cap. Please read the photo.

You can place the fuse tube back first, and put the contact tip inside the cap, screw them all together back to the old plug. If you also lost the steel lock ring on the plug, you get to place it at first before screwing in the cap.

2), Other Problem - you may need to open your plug if you have other problems including the plug housing burn or damage, spring issue, or any kind of connection problem.  you may learn from the new plug before you can start opening the old one.

Get to know that the plug black housing is including 2 main components, we can call it Male Cap Side and Female Cap Side. The female cap side is the side that you taking out the bolt, the male cap side is the other side holding the nut of the plug housing. Those 2 parts are looking similar, but their structure is different when you can look at them in detail. Only the Male Cap Side has 2 poles to hold the pair of outside negative contact spring. you will put all the parts from this side before you can close the cap properly.  Please check our photos for more detail.

Final Step

Always learn from our photos and your parts before repair the power plug, after the assembling, best you can have an electrical meter to check if any circuit shortage on your plug. Measure the electric resistance value from the negative and position plug contact. If the reading is 0.01 to 2 Ohm, it must be something wrong.


If you make a mistake by giving the circuit shortage. It will cause your car fuse to burn out or fire from the power plug. It will be hassle and digamous. So, most important is you get to check all parts are in place before closing the housing.

Always check if this pump's power plug is pushed tight and solid in the car cigarette port, so the plug can have a good electrical contact during working. get to know the pump will draw 10A from power. Loosed connections including the top cap loosed may cause over-heat and fire. so your attention during pump working is very important. you can check the temperature of the plug during your pumping. if you feel very hot, then you get to turn off the pump right the way. 

You also need to make sure the car cigarette lighter port is shiny and has no dirt to block the contact. your port could work fine with a small power device such as USB charger. but the pump will have a much higher requirement. Use sandpaper to shiny the internal port will be an easy way to do a quick tune-up. 

And if you feel something is wrong or are not sure, please open the plug to check or contact us with some photos.  support@seamaxmarine.com

Also, work on the table and don't lose any parts during the work. since the components are small, please make sure enough lighting and wear your glasses.