Pump Parts #2 - Power Controller Board for SUP20D PRO Air Pump (PCB - 20D PRO)

Parts Info - 

This is the new parts for SUP20D PRO, that the pump has built-in temperature sensor and voltage gauge. This parts may not be compatible with our previous version SUP20D (2018-2020) that without those features. Or if you have an old version pump to repair, you may want to purchase it with the DPU (LCD Digital Program Unit) together. Additional cost may be applied.

Instructions of replacement - 

The installation requires to open the air pump with 6 screws to locate the PCB unit, and there are another 1 or 2 screws before you can remove the old PCB out of the housing. There are 3 pair of electric wire need to be dis-connected from the old PCB and re-connected with the new parts.  You may need to use the soldering iron to connect those electrical wire properly.  (The soldering iron kit from this listing is not included of the parts purchase. you can buy it from Amazon or eBay). and you may need the electrical tape to make sure all new connection has no chance of electric circuit shortage.

If you don't know how to use Solder Iron tool, for temporary repair, you may cut the old wire at the middle and remove 1/2" of wire cover from the end. Do the same way with the wire on the new PCB. Then you can tighten up the 2 wire together solid and cover with the electrical tape. Make sure no electric circuit shortage from the connection.  Do it one by one until 6 wire all done. Please know the color of wire on the new PCB could be changed. then you get to read the wire property or position from the PCB. Make sure it is the same type of wire before you can connect them together. 

Wire Color of New PCB - 

- Pair of Green and Red wire - 2nd Stage Motor

- Pair of Yellow and Red wire - 1st Stage Fan

- Pair of Black and Red wire - 12V Power Input

Additional Info - 

Finally, Don't forget to reconnect the white data bank cable from the DPU to PCB. Quick test the air pump before close the housing. Fully test the air pump after done. 

There is not additional screw to tight up the Pressure Pump Assembly