Pump Parts #1 - Digital Program LCD Unit for SUP20D PRO & SUP20S PRO Air Pump (DPU)

First to Know - 

Digital Program LCD Unit (DPU) for SUP20D PRO & SUP20S PRO. Those 2 models are share with this same parts,  Those version of air pumps also come with temperature sensor and voltage gauge built-in.

This parts may not be able to compatible with our previous version SUP20D or SUP20S that without those new features built-in (2018 or 2019 version). Or if you have an old version pump, you may want to purchase it with the new PCB (Power Control Board) together and make sure all matches. Additional cost may be applied.

Instructions of replacement - 

First open the air pump housing from its 6 screws at the back, the DPU is located at the handle from the top housing. There is a screw or locking hook under the handle, you get to remove this lock-in screw before you can access the old DPU. some of the front handle's top trim cover may use the glue to seal tight, so you may have to bend the trim cover harder before you can fully access the old DPU. And you only need to connect the white data bank cable to make it work.

Our DPU is not easy to damage, usually if this parts was damaged, you may have your pump with physical damage or water damage, then you may have to replace this DPU parts. Or it is the version issue that you get to change it to match the new PCB.

Tips -

To prevent the damage of DPU, just protect your air pump well during use and transportation. Also know the best working voltage range is 10-14V for these air pumps. Always check the voltage reading from the LCD screen when pumping. If you use the pump with your car, you may want to start the engine when voltage showing below 10V, or you should not turn on the engine if the reading already over 14V. Both low voltage or high voltage will be shortage the pump life time. and the pump will be stopped or won't be able to start if voltage out of range (9-15V). You may need to find out the reason if voltage out of range.