One Pair - 2 x 12" Marine Grade Pneumatic Wheels for Seamax Boat Launching Dolly (Black version)

Suitable for 12" Wheel Version Seamax Boat Launching Wheels Set, designed for EZ Load and Stainless Steel models, also fully compatible for Deluxe model, since All Seamax Boat Launching Wheel Set's axle standard are the same.

Wheel Model: 4.10/3.50-6

Max Tire Diameter: 12 inches

Wheel Axle Diameter: 1 inch 

Wheel Axle Hole Deep: 8-1/4 inch

Suggested Air Pressure:  15 to 20 PSI 

Our new tires are now 12” in diameter and about 4” wide. They are made of 4 ply reinforced vehicle grade natural rubber which holds up well against UV rays, heat and salt water for up to ten years. To prevent air loss, we use an advanced butyl inner tube for our wheels with an “L” style cooper air valve. The rim is made of reinforced nylon with a 1” diameter hole for the axle with NO bearing as this product is made for marine use. These high quality marine grade tires and rims will last you for many years of trouble free use.

Note: Not intended for highway use. Rinse the product with fresh water after use in salt water. Cover from sun light when no in use and maximize the life time.

Pump up your wheels: When after your one winter storage or new product is received, you need to top up the air to 20 PSI with a small digital inflator, the same kind of portable 12V electric inflator for automobiles or bicycles will be suggested to use.

Attentions - Wheel tube damage may be related to the below reason

  • Pressure below 10 PSI, the inner tube is easy to be damaged during use
  • Pressure over 20 PSI, the inner tube could be damaged when sunlight or heat brings the pressure up.
  • Using a strong inflator like the air pump in a gas station, the inner tube is too small when facing the strong airflow. it could be damaged in seconds.