16" Pneumatic Wheel with 3/4" Axle Hole for Seamax Boat Hand Dolly

New all terrain wheels are without bearings now

Suitable for Seamax Boat Hand Dolly

Wheel Model: 4.80/4.00-8

Diameter: 16 inches

Suggested Air Pressure:  12 to 15 PSI

Applied Axle Diameter: 3/4"

Not intended for highway use. Rinse the product with fresh water after use in salt water.


Pump up your wheels: When after your one winter storage or new product is received, you need to top up the air to 20 PSI with a small digital inflator, the same kind of portable 12V electric inflator for automobiles or bicycles will be suggested to use.

Attentions - Wheel tube damage may be related to the below reason

  • Pressure below 10 PSI, the inner tube is easy to be damaged during use
  • Pressure over 20 PSI, the inner tube could be damaged when sunlight¬†or¬†heat brings the pressure up.
  • Using a strong inflator like the air pump in a gas station, the inner tube is too small when facing the strong airflow. it could be damaged in seconds.