Standard Inflatable Boat Bench Seat, Made by Aluminum, Includes Triangle Style Brackets

Seamax Aluminum Bench Seat for Inflatable Boats, Multiple Size Suitable for many boats in the market, Measure your boat before make the purchase this Universal Parts.

Our Bench Seat is made by T6 marine grade aluminum with anodize sliver coating. Good for freshwater and saltwater use. Seat brackets included to hook on your seat patch. Seat Receiver Patch is not included in this package, so make sure your boat has it installed. Most the inflatable boats should have the seat receiver installed. 

You get to Measure your boat before purchase the correct size. We supply 4 sizes here including 34", 37", 42" and 49".  they should be suitable for most inflatable boats in the market. When a boat to install the bench seat, you may hook up the seat to one side that the chamber is not fully inflated. so you can pull the other side of the bench seat toward yourself and connect with another seat receiver. and then you can inflate the entitle boat to the full pressure. 

If you feel too tight or too loosed,  then it may not be the right size for you. To make a small adjustment, you can just relocate the triangle bracket under the bench seat. so you drill another 3 holes for the bracket and  you can adjust for about +/- 1/2 inch for each bracket.

If you find a bigger difference of the length, if the seat was short too much, then you may choose a wrong size. you can contact seller to do the exchange. or if you find the seat too long, you can use aluminum saw to cut it. before you start to cut, you get to take out the bracket and remote the long cap from the size of bench seat. And you reinstall the seat bracket to the right position and done.

Product Descriptions - 

  • Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Length: various
  • Width:¬†8"
  • Thickness 0.5"
  • Package contents: 1x aluminum bench seat, 2x seat bracket¬†

Note: Other Seamax Model may be with different size bench seats, Please check with Seamax if need a different size.