Pump Parts #7 - High Pressure Stage Piston Assemble for All Seamax SUP Electric Air Pump

Parts Description -

This is the new Piston Assembly including the Piston arm & housing. Grease has been applied on the piston O ring. White color silicone seal ring also included. This parts is suitable for all our electric air pump including SUP20S, SUP20D, SUP16DB, SUP20Max. those air pumps are sharing with the same parts. 

When You Need It -

If your pump still working but it only can reach 2-3 PSI, or even up to 10 PSI but with a much longer period. The piston seal of your pump could have been damaged already. The main concern of the problem is pump cannot build up the pressure as normal.

You may need to replace this parts. Also know our parts is made by durable high speed nylon, so it is in white color. if you open your air pump, it is easy to located this parts. When you remove your old parts, it is easy to see the piston O ring damage and no more grease in the piston housing.

Instruction of Replacement - 

It is not difficult to replace this parts, First open the pump main housing and disconnect the white data bank cable and pressure hose. And you need to access this parts by removing 8 screws and taking apart from the High Pressure Assembly. you also need to be careful that no to damage the existing power wire nearby. 

You may need a small needle nose plier or a correct tool to remove the lock ring on the top of piston arm, so you can remove the piston arm from the crankshaft. this could be the hardest part for you, since if the lock ring is not removed and re-install properly. If the lock ring was damaged, it will be hard to guarantee the pump can last long after repair. 

There is enough silicone grease on the new piston and housing. you should not add more in, but If you lost some silicone grease from your assembling, for example you hand wipe it off. you can add some grease back. But please know the silicone grease only apply on the piston cylinder and its piston seal ring. Do not apply the grease on the cylinder valve and piston valve. otherwise the grease will jam the one way rubber valve and cause stop the air going in and out. 

Finally, Don't forget to reconnect the white data bank cable from the DPU to PCB. Quick test the air pump before closing the housing. Fully test the air pump after done. 

Additional Info - 

There is not screw to tight up the Pressure Pump Assembly.  Additional Silicone grease is not included in this order. (Silicone grease can be purchased from Amazon or 3rd party)

In some special case, and if you don't know how to do above connection, and we can have additional parts in stock, we may provide the Pressure Engine Assembly with the PCB on the bottom housing. that way you can only connect the data bank cable plug and play much easier. additional cost may applied.

In some case, user may damage the pump by non proper use. such as operate the pump from the dusty ground. We add this additional notice from this parts and make sure your pump can be always operated correctly.

Download the full instruction about the Pressure Engine Assembly replacement (SUP20S , similar to SUP20D).