Pump Parts #6 - First Stage Turbo Fan Assembly for All Seamax Double Stage SUP Air Pump

Parts Description -

This is the new First Stage turbo fan Assembly, including its built-in motor in the round cone. This parts is suitable for all our double stage electric air pump including SUP20D, SUP16DB, SUP20Max. Those air pumps are sharing with this same parts. But it is not for the SUP20S single stage pump. This parts is working as the pump's 1st turbo fan stage and do the first step inflation, turbo fan can support up to 1.2 PSI output. and this parts also help to do the pump deflation feature.

Reason to to Replace it -

When your pump first stage cannot reach 0.6 PSI at normal condition (voltage range 9-15V) or pump's 1st stage produce loudly noise. You may need to replace this parts. 

Instruction of Replacement

You may need to re-connect its 2 power wires and 4 screws when replacing this parts. When you open your air pump, it is easy to located this parts and trace its power wire. please see the photo to understand this parts better. 

It is not difficult to do the replacement. First open the housing and disconnect the white data bank cable and air pressure hose. And you need to remove the old parts by removing 4 screws. You also need to be careful and don't damage the other wire nearby. 

To connect the power wire, you may need to use the Soldering Iron tool to disconnect and re-connect those wires better. (The soldering iron kit from this listing is not included of the parts purchase. you can buy it from Amazon or eBay). 

If you don't have Solder Iron tool, you may cut the old wire at the middle and remove 1/2" of wire cover. do the same way with the wire on the PCB. When the wire preparation is ready, you can tighten up 2 wires solid together and cover with electrical tape. Make sure no electric circuit shortage from those new connection. Then it should be good for your temperately solution.

Finally, Don't forget to re-connect the white data bank cable and air pressure hose on the PCB. Quick test the air pump before closing the housing. Fully test the air pump after done. 

Additional Info

There is not screw to tight up the Pressure Pump Assembly. 

In some special case, and if you don't know how to do above connection, and we can have additional parts in stock, we may provide the Pressure Engine Assembly with the PCB on the bottom housing. that way you can only connect the data bank cable plug and play much easier. additional cost may applied.

Download the full instruction about the Pressure Engine Assembly replacement (SUP20S , similar to SUP20D).