Seamander Captain Bucket Seat,Sport Flip Up Seat BS002WB (White/Blue)

About this item

  • It has a high-density foam padding which in turn provides you with excellent back support and comfortable seating. The chair is not constructed upright but curves in a way to give you a relaxing seating position.
  • One unique feature is the flip-up bolster which gives you added seat height. So depending on your preference, you can adjust either to have a low backrest or high backrest.
  • The seat is constructed with sturdy plastic backrest and stainless steel fasteners which cause no rusting issues, unlike most other seats.
  • The Captainā€˜s bucket seat is 23.5-inches high, 20.5-inches width and the depth is 26-inches.
  • Mounting is pretty standard, and the seat already has bolt holes. Also, mounting screws are included in the unit.

NOTE: DO NOT use these products to clean your vinyl-covered boat interior

Goo B Gone, Formula 409 (bottle states 'Not for use on vinyl'), Murphy's Oil Soap, Simple Green, DC Plus, ArmorAll, Top Kote Sealant, Son-of-a-Gun, Orange 88 Degreaser, Roll-Off, Bleach/Baking Soda, Turtle Wax/Tar Remover (containers state 'Not for use on vinyl'), APCO, Harbor Mate, or other harmful cleaners.

DO NOTĀ use kerosene, gasoline or acetone, as they will remove the protective marine top coat.

DO NOTĀ use any silicone or petroleum based products. They will extract the plasticizers in the vinyl, leave it hard and brittle, and eventually cracking may occur.

DO NOTĀ use a power washer on boat seating upholstery.