Seamander Marine Boat Trailer 2 inch Trailer Transom Tie-Down Straps

  1. Seamander boat trailer transom tie down straps are adjustable, heavy-duty straps that are ideal for trailer boating safety. The tough nylon material is weather-resistant and adjustable to fit a variety of transoms, making it the right choice for a variety of boating needs.
  2. Full bend chromoly S hooks are perfect for securing your boat to a trailer or dock.From pontoon boats to jet skis, they can be used with any watercraft.
  3. The quick release buckle is an easy and convenient way to secure your boat. As the straps are equipped with flip buckles, you can easily tighten and lock them without the need for bulky ratchet mechanisms.
  4. Boat transom tie down straps is a must-have item for anyone who frequently tows a boat behind RV. During transit, these straps secure the boat to the trailer. They also provide additional protection in case the trailer separates from the RV
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  • Specs:

  • Strap dimensions: 2" wide x 4' long
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 400 lbs
  • Maximum load (break strength): 1200 lbs
  • Quantity: 2 straps or 4 straps