Seamax 2-Pack Heavy Duty Dock Line, Marine Grade Nylon Double Braided (Gold White Color)

  • Seamax 2-Pack Heavy Duty Dock Line, Marine Grade Nylon Double Braided 


  • PACK OF 2 & BEST VALUE: To secure your ship in severe weathering, our superior marine quality double braided dock line is perfect for the job. Withstand all the negative effects of the environment, including the usual salt, mold, oil and UV rays. Heavy loads can easily be tethered without worry that the nylon rope will kink or rotate.


  • PROFESSIONAL FINISHED: The professional finishing of these durable nylon ropes is outstanding. The rope has been professionally whipped and heat-treated at the end, ensuring no fraying or unravelling occurs.


  • SALT, SUN & WATER RESISTANT: Hold up against weather, water and wear. Specifically designed for use as dock ropes for boats and can withstand saltwater without breaking down. Rope ends are heat-treated and will not fray.


  • HEAT-TREATED EYELET: Pre-made loop so you don't have to tie or cut eye-let knots. Our boat ropes for docking are professionally whipped at the eyelet throat and heat-treated at the ends to last many seasons without fraying or unraveling.
  • RELIABLE & STRONG: Capable of absorbing extreme shock loads. With a mooring tie-off, the knots hold well and when done, the lines are easy to unknot. Ideal boat dock supplies and also work for camping, trees, moving, lashing furniture, or trunk lids.


Purpose of Dock Lines
The purpose of dock lines quite simply is to minimize the movement of your boat in its slip while it is in the marina. Properly placed dock lines should:

  1. Keep your boat close to its finger,
  2. Prevent forward and backward movement along with the finger,
  3. Prevent sideways movement away from the finger, and
  4. Prevent a yaw motion where the boat’s bow and stern tend to rotate in either direction.


Available Models & Spec

  1. Diameter 3/8”, Length 15ft, Eye Splice 12” – Support up to 27ft Boats & 3800Lbs Tensile Strength
  2. Diameter 1/2”, Length 15ft, Eye Splice 12” – Support up to 36ft Boats & 4800Lbs Tensile Strength
  3. Diameter 1/2”, Length 25ft, Eye Splice 12” – Support up to 36ft Boats & 4800Lbs Tensile Strength
  4. Diameter 5/8”, Length 25ft, Eye Splice 15” – Support up to 45ft Boats & 5800Lbs Tensile Strength


100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
Our products have passed the quality inspection and there are very few defective products, so you can buy with confidence and the product comes with a limited 2 years guarantee. However, there is no guarantee that 100% of the products are perfect. If you find a defect in the product, please contact us (Seamax Marine) for a replacement. We value your experience very much!