Deluxe Boat Launching Dolly, 4 Positions and 4 Stages Removable and Adjustable Legs, 14" Pneumatic Wheels (Silver)


MORE ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: These wheels have 4 adjustment positions for length and angle to adjust the leg length, push in the spring-loaded buttons on each side of the leg and either pull or push to lengthen or shorten. To adjust the leg angle, push down on the spring-loaded bar near the top of the leg assembly, and move the leg assembly to the desired location. To remove the leg assembly from the bracket, pull out the quick release pin located at the top of the leg assembly

3D DESIGN WITH MILITARY QUALITY:  Now it is our 2nd edition released from 2019. Seamax Deluxe Boat Launching Wheels system is made by the marine grade T6 aluminum alloy with CNC processing and shiny looking anodized coating against the corrosion. Thus the product is good for saltwater use. Small parts are all made by solid stainless steel and reinforced Nylon. The air-filled tire is lab-tested (1000 LBS), and is great to support a MAX loading of 600 LBS in all condition. A great add-on for inflatable, aluminum, and fiberglass boats.

BENEFIT OF USE - With the 4 stages of length and 4 wheel arm position, the dolly can be adjusted while afloat in the boat, leaving or coming into the dock.  The dolly system can also bring different performance positions for boat launching. The wheel arm length increment is 2.5” per stage. Plus the wheel’s diameter, the range of length is 23 - 30 inches. 


The wheel arm has a 60° and 90° locking position to move up and down. The upper-60° position can free up more space on the top and side of the transom. The lower 60° position lets the wheels run at the same level as the prop, and thus turns the wheels as a prop guard when boat launching.

The transom bracket installation area is about 8 x 3 inches.  Shorter transom bracket design brings more possible installation for all types of boats with different transom. The brackets can be installed at the waterline top position, so to avoid the water comes into the screw holes. We had developed a profile for the transom bracket in 2019. Now the bracket only requires 2 bolts to install. Easier to put it on your boat with the same loading capacity. 

TRIPLE heavy-duty, TRIPLE quality! Product is made by Seamax Canada with 2 years limited warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed!  The Quick Operation Features of the Deluxe Boat Dolly include - spring load locking pin for wheel arm position adjustment; solid spring load buttons for wheel arm length adjustment; and quick released lock pin for wheel arm and wheel bearing. 

Our new tires are now 14” in diameter and about 4” wide. They are made of 4 plies reinforced vehicle grade natural rubber which holds up well against UV rays, heat and saltwater for up to ten years. To prevent air loss, we use an advanced butyl inner tube for our wheels with an “L” style cooper air valve. The rim is made of reinforced nylon with a 1” diameter hole for the axle with NO bearing as this product is made for marine use. These high-quality marine-grade tires and rims will last you for many years of trouble-free use。

For Aluminum Boats, Jon Boat & Aluminum Hull RIB

We always recommend our Deluxe version, since it has a smaller and reasonable size transom bracket and gives a shorter distance of its 2 bolts. So it may help to waive off some issues during installation on a special transom structure. And its leg will stay out of the transom for more distance since its bracket design, so it can help the leg bypass the 1" edge of the bottom of your boat transom.


MAX LOAD:This dolly set is designed for boats with solid outboard transom. For easier moving, total weight should not exceed 600 Lbs including boat, outboard, and all gears. 

INSTALLATION: This dolly set should only be installed by an adult with some experience in working with tools. To install the wheelset properly, you will need to drill 5/16” holes in the plywood transom for the mounting brackets. It is very important to locate the position of the holes correctly. Please check carefully including checking the wheel arm position before starting to drill any holes. 

GUIDE LINE OF BRACKET INSTALL ON AN INFLATABLE BOAT- 14FT or Under & with 15" Short Shaft Transom:- (1). Bracket below the transom Top Edge about 1" to 2"; (2). Bracket to the boat pontoon (middle of fabric) about 2" to 2.5",  (3) Make sure the wheel can have at least 1" gap from the boat bottom when at straight down position. 

- 14ft and Up with 20" Long Shaft Transom: - (1). Bracket below the transom Top Edge about 2" to 4"; (2). Bracket to the boat pontoon (middle of fabric) about 2" to 2.5",  (3) Make sure the wheel can have at least 2" to 3" gap from the boat bottom when at straight down position.

TIPS: Adjust the wheel arm stage position to make sure you will have the best result after install. 8ft to 10ft boat usually use the shortest stage. 11-13ft boat may use 2nd length stage. 14ft boat may use 2nd - 3rd stage as the best result. 

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE START: (1) Make sure the bottom hole is above the water line, apply sealant if needed. (2) Make sure the wheel won't touch the pontoon when the arm moving up and down. (3) Make sure the wheel arm adjusted at best distance (stage) for your boat before checking.

MAINTENANCE:Wash it after using it from saltwater or sandy beach. Check tire pressure before every use. Don’t store the wheels under the sun or beside the heat to maximize its lifetime. Take the wheel arm off from the transom bracket when storing your boat. Lube the spring load dolly system if needed. Always keep the lock pin on the dolly bracket. 

TIRE INFLATION:Dolly tires may not be fully inflated when shipping; please only give 15-20 PSI pressure at room temperature before using. Best to use a car tire digital air pump to prevent tire over-inflation. Tire over-inflated will cause damage and the warranty is not covered.

14" DUAL WHEELS UPGRADE KIT:Available for this Deluxe boat launching wheelset for heavy loading application or sandy beach use. We suggest the boat 14ft and up to use this upgrade kit, then you can have a wide enough transom to support 4 wheels operation.

WARRANTY: Manufacturer 2 years Parts Limited Warranty within USA & Canada. 60 days of free replacement on any defective components. Please take photos or return the product or parts to the retailer you purchased them from if there is a warranty issue. You can also contact Seamax for technical support.