Seamax Ocean430T 14 Feet Commercial Grade PVC Inflatable Boat, Max 10 Passengers and 35HP Rated

  • Specifications

    Overall length 14ft, beam 6.4ft, inner dimensions L10.0ft x W3.1ft; Boat dry weight 250Lbs, carry 10 passengers, max. loading 2159Lbs; Pontoon diameter 19.7 inches, 5 pontoon chambers and 1 keel chamber. Max. pressure 3.6PSI (25kPa); Aluminum floor & reinforced V bottom; Short shaft 16”/ 82° & reinforced transom, Max 35HP motor, suggested 20-30HP; Available in Red, Dark Gray or Black color.

    New boat finished with 4 layers and triple overlapped chamber seam, double thermal welded structure with industry best 6 years guarantee. 

    Non-skid sectional aluminum floor system with side joiners; Fuel tank and battery box tie down fitting on the floor; Transom motor pad and heavy duty pontoon towing rings; Transom to pontoon adapter fully reinforced, and marine sealant applied to resist leakage; Multiple D-ring kits installed on the inside of the pontoons, 3 x front towing rings with tow line, full size towing rings on transom, 6 x heavy duty handles; Oar lock set installed; 3 position seat receiver.

    2 x bench seats, 2 aluminum oars, 2 heavy duty boat carrying bags (for hull & floorboard); foot pump, boat repair kit and spare parts. Reflective Plates (optional) - US Coast Guard Approved 3M Reflective Sheeting; Color Code: White USCGFP30 (Sliver); Dimension 3”x10” / 7Pcs.

    This 14ft Ocean430T shipment has 2 packages with a total weight about 310Lbs, Hull package dimension is 57x28x16”, and Floor package dimension is about 48x25x9”. If trailer is needed, please check with EZ Load trailer website to locate the nearby dealer(s) in your area

  • Features

    Commercial grade boat fabric for main construction; Four layers overlapped chamber seam structure (Feature Code: FOS); Keel Center Inner Reinforcement (KCR); Transom Stabilizer & Reinforcement Design (TSR); Hull Stabilizer Bar Structure (HSBS); Additional Seamax special feature includes: Dual Heavy-duty life lines; Heavy-duty boat bumper around the boat and bottom; Heavy-duty D-Ring and Towing Ring patches.


    4 layers overlap seam finishing is the strongest seam construction standard in the inflatable boat industry. The 2 main chamber fabrics are real-bonded together with ½” overlapping. Extra seam tapes on both sides of chamber to reinforce the main seam. Overall thickness of the 4-layers chamber seam is 5mm in total. Our chamber seam technology gives the boat a longer life time comparing with many others.


    Seamax always focuses on high manufacturing standards. A rigid transom is very important for inflatable boats. Beside using solid birch plywood to build transom, we develop a new standard called Transom Stabilizer Reinforcement (TSR) to help the pontoon to disperse motor vibration and weight. The reinforcement technology extends the overall life time of the inflatable boat.


    Hull Stabilizer Bar (HSB) is designed by Seamax and first applied in an 18ft government boat project. Now Seamax HSB2.0 is available on every Seamax OceanT model boat. Located near the front deep V-Hull, the specially made HSB greatly helps to stabilize the boat structure. The tension along the HSB creates an invisible force triangle to stabilize the front Hull and keep the floor in place. Such a triangle inner support for the hull is a great boat add-on feature. A boat with HSB also has a better high speed boating performance.
  • About Seamax Air Chamber Seams

    When we talking about the latest air chamber seam standard, Hot (Air) Welded and Thermo Bonded are belong to the same type of seam processing. The main chamber seam staying together is not longer using the PVC glue. So the air chamber seam won’t be damaged when time being or daily use, Since the PVC glue life time is 3-10 years based on workmanship and condition of use. Hot welded (or Thermo welded) seam may reduce over 50% of boat major repair service and be able to extend the boat life time to be over 10-15 years.

    Seamax has been making our Ocean Series and Ocean T Series inflatable boat with hot welded seam since 2017. And we use the over-lapped major seam structure let the chamber fabric staying together by themselves and not using an additional seam tape. Seamax still use seam tape as add-on with best result. It seems like we give the boat an extra welded seam, and we call it Double Hot Welded.

    The PVC boat industry standard is joined chamber seam, I believe it should give a higher chance of air leaking after finished. Usually the same style over-lapped major seam structure can be found from high-end Hypalon boats. Boat using over-lapped seam will use more material to build and many extra hours. At the mean time it requires better skill worker to make it right. Now we can be confident to tell that our chamber seam’s life time will be as the same as the fabric’s life time. In the other word, when the day the boat life time ended, it should not be from the chamber seam issue.

    Right now, all our Seamax boats manufacturing are the same. Hot welded seam for PVC boat brings the boat overall quality much closer to Hypalon boat. And Seamax boat with German PVC to build can bring Seamax with a highest standard in the inflatable boat industry.