Seamax PowerMax Brush-less Electric Trolling Motor, 2HP 12V or 3HP 24V with 35" or 40" Shaft, Step-less Speed Control Tiller Handle

  • Key Features

    Great selection Seamax high thrust models. Excellent performance for lake or offshore use. Powerful and lightweight motor with Smooth and powerful operation; Easy to push an inflatable boat or aluminum boat fast and get closer to the fish. Built-in sacrificial anode for better corrosion protection. Transom clamps locking feature to keep your motor always safe.

    The Brushless AC motor is controller by its built-in PCB that is microcomputer-based. It can real-time monitor the condition once power is connected. The motor will give a beep sound warning if a mistake is detected or the battery is low. For example, when the prop getting stuck by seaweed, the motor can be shut off automatically and with a beep sound warning. That is much better than a traditional DC motor with an external circuit breaker connected.

    12V brushless electric motor can provide 65 pounds (2HP equivalent) thrust output. Fully adjustable 35" powder coated marine grade aluminum shaft. Work great with different watercraft. Built-in sacrificial anode. Good for saltwater and freshwater use.

    New patented step-less speed controller for smooth forward / backward speeds operation. with real-time battery voltage indicator can show the battery condition when boating. Aluminum telescopic tiller handle with wide-angle adjustment. Anti-theft quick released taper-lock transom mount with effortless multi-angles adjustment.

    Telescopic handle with wide adjustable tilting angles. An ergonomic extendable telescopic handle puts control at your fingertips. Solid aluminum and steel lower unit with powder coating finish. Suggest running with a marine deep cycle battery. 5ft Power code should be the right size for a battery box in many different boats Our motors are durable and high performance and come with 2 Years limited warranty coverage within USA & Canada.

  • Description

    New glass fiber reinforced composite material propeller, updated pitch, camber, and thickness for high thrust application. Better performance with new propeller and minimizes efficiency lost through cavitation.

    Adjustable motor shaft to fit almost all small to medium size watercraft. Keep the propeller deep enough in the water to maximize power efficiency, and still have a long enough motor shaft to operate.

    Quickly released taper-lock transom mount, effortless one-hand operation. Adjustable points to switch the motor from running position, shallow water position, and tilt-up position. Industry top quality to build and resists flexing, warping, corrosion, and UV damage.

    Seamax trolling motors come with updated technology and over the industrial standards to build. The ultimate goal of this new version is to greatly improve motor performance, extend the product lifetime, and increase your boating experience.

    To decide which model to take. If you use it as your main motor, you may want the 35” shaft model. If you will mount the motor on the front of your boat, or you will put it beside your main motor on the transom, you may want the 40” shaft model. It is best to keep the prop top tip under the water line 4-6” to maximize its efficiency. And make sure your boat can have a 24V battery group (12Vx2) before you can purchase the 24V 3HP model. Since the battery is heavy, make sure you can handle the batteries before making the decision. Or we suggest the new lithium battery as your best option.  

    It is not a must to have an external circuit breaker since it is just one more protection from outside the motor. One of the biggest differences compared with traditional DC motors, Seamax PowerMax has had the electrical circuit protection built-in already. So, your motor is always get protected from seaweed damage.

  • Specification

    - 12V 2HP Model
    Motor working voltage range 9-15V. 
    Max RPM  1250 Underwater / Decibel Level (db) < 55db
    Motor Net weight: 6.6kg (15Lbs)
    Battery Capacity – Voltage Level Display:
    Over 12.3V - 3 lights / 11.5V to 12.3V - 2 Lights / 9-11.5V - 1 Red Light / Below 9V – No Light
    Chat of Thrust & Amp:
    65Lbs-50Amp / 50Lbs-35Amp / 40Lbs-22Amp / 30Lbs-17Amp / 20Lbs-6Amp

    - 24V 3HP Model

    Max RPM  1350 Underwater / Decibel Level (db) < 55db
    Motor Net weight: 6.9kg (16Lbs)
    Battery Capacity – Voltage Level Display:
    Over 24.6V - 3 lights / 23V to 24.6V - 2 Lights / 18-23V - 1 Red Light / Below 18V – No Light
    Chat of Thrust & Amp:
    85Lbs-40Amp / 70Lbs-30Amp / 35Lbs-20Amp / 30Lbs-10Amp / 20Lbs-4Amp

    Approximate continuous running time in max speed
    Approx. 90 minutes with Group 24 (AGM Marine Battery)
    Approx. 110 minutes with Group 27 (AGM Marine Battery)
    Approx. 120 minutes with Group 31 (AGM Marine Battery)

    About our Service

    Contact Us if any replacement parts are needed. Or you want to purchase a spare prop for your long trip. Always make sure the lock nut is tight enough on your prop.  Don’t drop the motor into the water or keep it in the rain. This motor tiller head is not designed to be waterproof.  Do not use the prop the cut through too many seaweeds. Since this fact will break the motor easily.

    First Use of Motor

    You may find the motor running with a louder sound comparing with a traditional DC motor, but this is normal for our AC brushless motor. The internal motor structure is completed difference. Don’t run long testing when turn on the motor in the air. Running the Prop without loading may cause resonance of product and cause the damage of bearing. The minimum water tank for motor max output test on the land is 500 gallons.  

  • Additional Information:

    Choose a Circuit Breaker - Our 2HP/3HP motors are designed to draw 50A/40A during their full-speed driving in the water. but the motor could draw more power if working at harder water conditions. If you want to select a circuit breaker for more protection and as your main power switch, it should be at least existing 15% of max Amp capacity. Also, depending on the quality of the circuit breaker, the breaker's performance will drop during its lifetime. So, you may want to pick a breaker at 25% over the max. We suggest a Min 65A circuit breaker for the 2HP and Min 50A for the 3HP model if you need one. Since the AC motor has electric Power Control Board (PCB) built-in, in most cases, the motor could cut off the power by itself if a problem detected.

    High-Frequency Q&A -
    The most problem is with the Battery when your motor not working. If your motor stops in the middle of the water with a beep sound warning. The first thing to check is the battery level indicator light. Your battery voltage is low if Red light only or even no light to display. The PCB of the motor will cut off the power when the battery voltage is out of working range.  After the power cut off, the battery won’t be drawn by high output, so its voltage will be recovered by itself. The motor can run again but it won’t last long, maybe the last couple of 10 seconds only. This problem may happen when using any kind of battery. You may just use your battery for another device, or your battery may be only a few months old. I saw a lot of those cases since you won’t be able to see the battery condition from your eyes. So below battery section is very important to know.

    Battery Charger & Maintenance - Fully charge the battery does not mean the battery capacity is good. It will depend on the condition of the battery. To select a good battery and maintain the battery in good condition, you may need to follow the instructions below.  1) Purchase the right marine deep cycle battery or a new Lithium battery. Check the battery voltage with a voltage meter when making the purchase. 2) The AGM deep cycle battery will be a good option for the price and lifetime. A better battery should be always heavier if the same type. 3) Please find a local professional battery store to purchase your battery. Best not to purchase your battery from an Auto shop. Do not use the starter battery as your trolling motor battery. 3) Always fully charge the battery before storage or after your boating trip. An overdrawn battery kept for 30 days may cause serious internal damage and affect its lifetime. Many battery damages could not be able to recover. 4). You may want to use a good battery charger for your battery. We suggest using the NOCO genius charger with maintaining feature. It could help your battery to restore performance by following their instruction.


Product Type: Electric Motor

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