Yamaha 4-Stroke 6HP Tiller Handle Outboard Motor

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  • Features

    Yamaha’s smallest Portables, the F6, F4 and F2.5, weigh in at as little as 37 pounds (F6: 59 Lbs), with streamlined overhead-valve, one-cylinder designs. Their light weights, combined with built-in carrying handles, resting pads and an oil-leak prevention system for on-side storage capability create true portability. Add to that their efficiency, performance and reliability and these pint-sized powerhouses are perfect for all sorts of light duty, like hopping to the cuddy on a tender. Wherever the day takes you, you can take along a little extra power with an F6, F4 or F2.5 Yamaha Portable.

    Yamaha's 139-cc 6-hp portable is an impressive little outboard. It boasts surprising features for such a small motor, like labyrinth exhaust and a long span mounting system for smooth, quiet power. It also offers the convenience an external fuel tank (in addition to its built-in tank) for extended range and added convenience.

    - Tiller-handle control with forward-neutral-reverse shifting and an ergonomic twist-grip throttle
    - Only 59 pounds (15” shaft model) Available in 15” and 20” shaft lengths
    - Solid 6-amp alternator (optional)

  • Specifications

    ENGINE TYPE Four-stroke 1-cylinder
    DISPLACEMENT 139cc (8.5 ci)
    BORE & STROKE 62 x 46mm (2.44 x 1.81 in)
    RPM RANGE 4,500-5,500
    INDUCTION SYSTEM OHV (overhead valve)
    GENERATOR FLOW RATE 6 Amp (optional: requires charging kit)
    FUEL DELIVERY carburateur
    STARTING manuel
    DEGREE OF TRIM/TILT 5 positions / 69°
    EXHAUST Above propeller
    COOLING Raw water, Thermostatic Control
    GEAR RATIO 13/27 (2.08:1)
    RECOMMENDED FUEL Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 87)
    RECOMMENDED OIL Yamalube 4-M FC-W 10W-30 ou 20W-40
    OIL CAPACITY 0.6 litre
    SHAFT LENGTH 15" - 20''
    DRY WEIGHT 27kg (59 lbs)